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4 Utimate Tips for MSC in USA


The USA is known for prestigious graduate schools in the world. It has become a hub for students who are interested in getting higher education like a Master in Sciences (MSC). There ain’t no doubt when we speak about the curriculum and facilities of a school to study in the USA. These schools offer amazing opportunities and help you get a head-start in the competition.

Master in Sciences is a two-year program in which students get an advanced post-graduate degree. The USA has world-class research facilities. The students get the best research opportunities, a job-oriented course, and renowned faculties that impart quality education. Almost 80% of international students who travel to the USA for MSC education opt for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management) programs. There are over 200 specializations in MSC. So you get multiple options to choose from. Some of the top specializations are computer sciences, data science, accounting and management, computer engineering and more among others. So when you plan for Master in management in the USA you need to decide and assess many things. So to tell you some tips;

1.  Choose the list of universities

Compile a list of all schools you want to apply to. You should start this process one year before you plan on going because it is quite an extensive process. Perform extensive research and create a list in advance and go through specializations, fees, curriculums, and so on before choosing a school for yourself. You even get the option to become a double major that is attaining one degree but in two specializations and you can also look for the option of a dual master’s degree that earns two advanced degrees at the same time.

For example; Double Major in Foreign Language and International Studies or Dual Master’s Degrees in Master of Science in Criminal Justice & Master of Public Administration. Isn’t this amazing? Do look for the kind of placements that these schools have to offer you in future. Go through the school’s website and check where the alumnus of the school is working. Maybe you’ll get the dream company in a bunch of schools.

2.  Check out the deadlines

Jot down the deadlines of the schools and look after the eligibility criteria of the schools you wish to apply to. The schools in the USA do not have a unified deadline. You need to match the eligibility requirement to study MSC in the USA.

Every school has different prerequisites when it comes to eligibility but the following are some of the general eligibility requirements like; completion of at least 16 years of study, 4 years of study in either graduate or diploma (three-year undergraduate degrees are also accepted by some schools) with an average GPA of 3.0 or 65 – 70% & above and the standardised entry-level assessments that are GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, CTE, etc. In the case of MSC, the student must have a GRE score that is 290 or above or a GMAT score of 650 & above.

3.  Check the requirments

Schools in the USA ask students to present themselves through ‘intent statements and references’. Hence you should prepare the application Package’ in advance. The application package is the Letter of Recommendation (LOR), Statement of Purpose (SOP), Essays, Resume, Academic Transcripts and Standardized Test Scores. MSC schools will ask for 2 to 3 LORs and are advisable that lecturers or employers send letters of recommendation on your behalf. When writing an SOP keep in mind that it should be accurate and should convey clarity about the candidate’s expectations from the program.

4.  Check the fees

Check for the costs of pursuing an MSC at every school you have selected. School tuition usually depends on the number of credit hours you take in a semester like one course is equal to 3 credit hours. So considering the minimum credit hours of an MSC program which is 30 hours, then the average cost of a degree becomes around $30,000 to $120,000.

Schools offer financial aid for which you have to submit a scholarship essay along with the application (usually). But a thing that no one talks about is the cost of living in the city in which the school is located. For instance, living costs or any other expenses in New York are too high for a student to undertake.


USA is great for you to pursue MSC. With such applaudable academia and research opportunities, the USA is a premier choice for any student who wishes to pursue MSC.  There is an array of schools, programs and locations that the choices might overwhelm everyone.

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