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5 home decor for living room

As we all know, home decor is something that defines our adobe. It helps us understand our true selves. Our personality, choice, and taste are being reflected in the space we live in. And it tends to inspire those who come as visitors. Hence, our home should be a style statement elaborating our preferences and class. It can be done in various ways. Where number one is to consult a professional for the work or if you want to personalize it with your touch. You can do it however you want. You need to make some small purchases and need to give some time on reading house frey.  Every single space should be designed and well placed according to the choices you make. After all, you are the one who is going to live here. Hence, you need to identify what exactly interests you and then design your space in accordance.

There are many spaces in a house; drawing room, living room, bedroom, washroom, study room, and many more. But when it comes to designing your living room, the term has to be understood before stepping into the designing part.

The living room is a more private space that is restricted to family members’ movement and is being used for spending quality time with the dear ones. Hence, it should be designed to comfort everyone in the family, unlike the drawing-room area, which is more public and involves the movement of non-family people. It should be more comforting. Hence, a mix of numerous design principles comes into play.

Principles like harmony, unity, and rhythm should be focussed on. In contrast, they keep the basics like scale, proportion, textures, colors, and fabrics in mind.

Since the space will be designed for the entire family, it will include members from all age groups. Hence, you need to consider the requirements for each. Following are a few ideas you can stick to create a space that is liked by all.

  1.   Color scheme

A certain color scheme that is loved by all should be chosen. Talking of the extreme age groups kids and aged, they require a subtle yet playful environment. Adults can also agree because after a hectic day, one needs to feel lighter, and in a space that is so muted, they will be able to focus on the activities they like. Hence, some muted palettes can be used to enrich the experience.

  1.  Textures

They can be used in the form of rugs, throw blankets, cushions, or many more. Since we have to build a space that comforts all and is children-friendly, ruga is a must as it provides comfort to all and creates a sense of warmth and belongingness. Hence, textures should be provided in various patterns and layers.

  1.  Furniture

When it comes to selecting furniture, you need to inculcate furniture pieces that suit everyone in your family, like furniture that can be used multi-purposely. For a small space, these kinds of furniture are a real treasure. As it not only saves space but they are economical also. The furniture should also have storage underneath or somewhere if it is going to be designed for kids also because they have a lot to store.

  1. Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role, as we all know, because it enables us to see, perceive and process things and information. It is essential for kids and older people. Hence, the living area should be exposed to a good amount of daylight. Apart from that, the areas should also include a good combination of artificial lights. Therefore, a focus on providing good lighting should be done.

  1. Minimalism

In my opinion, a space like a living room should be designed to include minimal furniture and an uncluttered environment. It should create a cozy feel, but it should make the user feel lighter and at ease. We can mix some design concepts like adding a touch bohemian into it. To make it look close to nature and traditions.


While considering all the points discussed above, one can create a space loved by all. The living area serves as a center for interaction. Hence, it should be designed in a way that comforts everyone. The points discussed above may not apply to all. Because every individual is different and every family is different. Something that works for one does not mean it will also work for the other.

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