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5 Incredible Management Programs in France

France is the place where the Masters in Management degree was born. But MiM is not the only management gift that France has given to the world. There are various other programs as well but in this particular reading, management programs have been mentioned. But these are not just some management programs, these are the incredible ones. If you are planning to study in France then do compare the best college for you.

These are the programs that were created by keeping in mind the needs of both the students as well as the employers. These programs are tailored in such a beautiful way that they cater to the requirements and needs of both. That is why many students are drawn towards the French culture of management.

5 incredible management programs in France

So without any further ado lets discuss the 5 incredible programs in France:

1. International Business Management (IBM): Growing and running a profitable business in your home country may seem difficult and a tough job to do. But after a certain amount of time, it doesn’t seem like much of a work. But the real challenge comes when a company go on to expand their business overseas or in the international markets. Also the rules for getting france student visa is really easy.

Then things might seem like a really tough job to do, and this is where your knowledge from an IBM may come in handy. The program equips students with all the necessary skills and knowledge to grow and manage your business into international markets.

Some good universities for IBM are:

  1. ISC Paris.
  2. IPAG Business School.
  3. Audencia Business School.

2. Financial Management Program: This program teaches you to use the general management techniques on financial instruments. It includes planning, organising, directing and controlling financial operations of a business. Procurement and optimal utilisation of funds is also a key skill that you will be equipped with.

These are some of the top universities of France that provided financial management program:

  1. HEC Paris
  2. SKEMA Business School
  3. International University of Monaco

3. Media Management Program: Nowadays with the revolution in media, content and other mass communication channels, there is a need for professionals that can lead, supervise and manage the personnels in these areas. Media managers apply their knowledge and skills to align the working of different media media channels and mass communication department to give out the desired results.

There are several areas in which the student will be trained which include branding, advertising and managing business for different mass-com channels such as radio, social media, print, news etc.

The following are the best media management schools in France:

  1. ESCP Business School
  2. Paris College of art
  3. PSL University of Paris

4. MSc in Operations Management: The key work of business that generates cash flow or profit, or we can say the main work of the company is known as operations. The job of an operations manager is to administer and supervise the different departments of the organisation to achieve the goals and objectives of the company while also maintaining and maximising the efficiency of the business as well.

These are some of the best universities that can provide you the Operations Management Program you need:

  1. HEC Paris
  2. Montpellier Business School
  3. Rennes School of Business

5. Masters in Management (MiM): If we talk about management programs in France and not mention MiM program, then it won’t serve justice, neither to the program nor the place as we have already mentioned that France is the country that gave this incredible program to the world which is still delivering numerous efficient and leading managers to the world.

Some universities to consider for a Masters in Management program are:

  1. HEC Paris
  2. SKEMA Business School
  3. ESSEC Business School


There is a very brighter career side for the graduates in management and with various specialised programs, a student can have the opportunity to develop the necessary skills in something they are passionate about.

All the universities and programs that are mentioned above are the ones with the best future career prospects. For further information you can visit the website of the university to learn more about the course, university and other details such application requirement, eligibility etc. 

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