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5 Places to Visit in and Around Kasol


Kasol is located in the Parvati Valley, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. Which is moreover a crucial tourist temptation of the nation. Tourists across the globe come here for a stay. There are various activities which you can attempt here. To the people who adore exploration, this will be the ideal destination for them. Apart from all the enthusiastic activity, there are also religious sites where you can gain calmness from the soul. Bring it on,  you do not ignore bringing your camera as this awe-inspiring destination will provide you with an abundance of transfixing images that you would necessarily want to flaunt over social media. Some of the places in Kasol which you should not skip while exploring Kasol are Nature Park Kasol, Parvati River, Kheer Ganga Peak, Tosh Village, Tirthan Valley, and kheergangatrek, etc. These are 5 places to visit in Kasol and around it.

Nature Park Kasol

Nature Park is one of the ideal spots to tour in Kasol. Flooded by a friendly environment, the refuge has an entry to the mesmerizing Parvati River which streams through the worn-out quakes, making humming tones. The Nature Park is also a favorite spot to walk and sprint under the roof of hovering Pine trees. As the spot is intimate to several outstanding Cafes, tourists can also satisfy in some foreign restaurants to stop the day on a reasonable basis. Apart from all of them, there are various trees with scientific names. Which you can also get to learn about.  

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Parvati River

The Parvati River is one of the major highlights of  Kasol’s interests. The length of this river is 80 kilometers. The river trickles north through Parvati Valley flooding into River Beas close to Kullu. An opportunity to evacuate behind the fight of existence for some moment, you can realize the tranquil rumbling of the gravel as the water flows. However, this spot is not excellent for expedition activities, the incomprehensible peace of this spot gives rise to it a must-visit. You can exercise your hand in fishing while sun-basking with your legs match spooned in the foamy creek. A day in the lap of virtue while you appreciate the appealing impression around and a nice simmered feast later on. You can solely stand on the stones by the Parvati River and be fascinated by the rumbling creaks, vacating behind the uproar of daily being, if not forever, minor for some time.

Kheer Ganga Peak

Kheer Ganga showcases the dramatic elegance of the leafy garden ridges and obvious atmospheres. A sacred spot, it fabricates at the edge of the Parvati Valley, transfixing you with the bluer atmospheres and the ridges that are fresher than conventional. A remarkable chance for learners, the KheerGanga trek is something like one of the simplest treks of Kasol. You sure don’t want to lose this opportunity. Accepted as the territory of Shiva, Kheer Ganga has imaginary assumptions sewed around it which you can hear out during your stop at Lord Shiva Temple. This trek has more shocks for you encircled! And one interesting trek trail. 

Tosh Village

Tosh is situated at the cliff of the Parvati Valley, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. Tosh is an uncommon destination in Kasol that entices a ton of travelers from across the district because of its spectacular charm. The magnificence of Tosh is at its reasonable in the winters, when the snow on the road and around the town provides you the impression of existing what nearly corresponds to our intention of bliss. The peaceful elegance of this spot is unique and that is why Tosh and a trek to Tosh is a must-have occasion in Kasol at least earlier in your lifetime. One of the best places to visit in Sasol. 

Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley is an isolated paradise 60 kilometers out from Kasol. This Kasol visitor location will amaze you with its magnificence the minute you enter it.  This friendly and well-preserved goal has several concealed treasures of the Kasol interests you might need to discover.  A gift on the screen, this polished goal has just the straight stuff to swivel your holidays into permanent happiness. Walking in the forest of the Himalayas, camping by the riverside, trekking through the jungle, learning the storming cascades, or trout angling, Tirthan Valley beholds entertainment activities to indulge in. Undoubtedly, this is one of the spots to visit in Kasol. 

Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga trek is an ideal trek for the trekkers. The altitude of this trek is 

An easy trek that can be effortlessly accomplished by a beginner trekker. At Kheerganga you will be awarded the astonishing Parvati Kund The divine hot water stream, just what you desire to loosen up when the temperature is steady. Be prepared to be a spectator and indulge in geography photography during your visit as the impression of the evening and touring through Kheerganga wildernesses are tremendous occasions.

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