5 Social Media Marketing Trends

5 Social Media Marketing Trends to Implement in 2023

In the last 15 years, social media has evolved significantly, and businesses have caught on. Social media marketing is one of the best ways to connect with consumers and attract new people to your business. But just as technology is constantly evolving, so is social media.

If your business doesn’t change its approach to social media marketing in 2022, you may get left behind your competition. So here are 5 social media marketing trends that your business should consider going into the new year.

Be Transparent

One of the best things about social media is it allows people to hold companies accountable. By being involved on social media, you are opening a line of communication with consumers that needs to go both ways.

In 2022, businesses need to be more transparent with people or consumers will find a different business that they can trust.

But what does it mean to be transparent on social media?

Being transparent means owning up to your mistakes. It means honestly answering your customer’s questions and working with them (through social media) so they get the service or product they were promised. You will find that people appreciate transparency from companies a lot more than companies that lie and hide the truth.

Social Media Influencers

It’s one thing for a business to advertise and tell the public how great their products or services are. But it’s an entirely different thing to have people with a large social media following promote your business.

If you go on social media, you will see countless people on Instagram and Facebook promoting different products and companies. These people may have a few hundred, thousand, or million followers. This means not only is your business getting advertised but you are being vouched for by one of your customers. This is an incredible way to use social media to attract people to your business.

Video Over Text

72% of people prefer video over text marketing, and that number is expected to grow in 2022. People want to put in as little effort while they’re on social media as possible. This means they probably aren’t going to spend more than a couple of minutes reading the text you post on social media, but they will spend several minutes watching a video you post.

Take advantage of this knowledge and start posting videos on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The videos can address consumer questions or discuss hot topics in your industry.

Promotional Advertising

While promotional advertising is already extremely popular and effective, it will continue to blow up in 2022. And it’s incredibly easy.

All you need to do is buy a Facebook Ad space and put some sort of promotion on the advertisement. For example, a dental office may put “$20 teeth cleaning on your first visit!” and the ad will be seen by people in your area. Promotional advertising is a great way for new businesses to spread awareness about their company without breaking the bank.

Improved Customer Service Using AI Technology

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more advanced, and companies are using technology to improve their customer service. We’re talking about chatbots.

Chatbots give consumers 24/7 customer service from your business. You won’t have to pay someone to answer common consumer questions, because the chatbot will take care of that. You can use chatbots on Facebook to provide easy and affordable customer service to people interested in your business.

Stick with the Latest Social Media Marketing Trends

When the clock strikes midnight, don’t let your business get left in the dust. Start the new year off right with the top social media marketing trends for 2022.

Have questions or comments about social media trends? Hit the comment section below or keep your eye on this social media marketing blog for more helpful tips and info!

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