5 Top Multiplatform Code Editors For Web Development

Code editors are perhaps the highly essential tools of web developers. Finding a tool that appropriately matches with your objectives and flow of work and has the required features is effective in saving plenty of time and considerably augmenting the code quality. 

In this article, 5 of the best cross-platform code editors for web development are presented. Each editor works on the prominent operating systems, that are, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. You might be using your favorite editor, however, there are different code editors that have been used by developers for performing tasks.

Without further ado, let’s see the 5 best cross-platform code editors for web developers. 


Atom is basically a free and open-source code editor that has been developed by GitHub. Initially, it was the in-house source code editor of GitHub, however a couple of years later, in the year 2014, the editor was launched to the public. Since Atom offers several high-tech features to developers, it has quickly become one of the highly famous code editors.

The user interface of the code editor is superbly designed, for the reason that a developer can separate the interface into several panes for simply comparing several files. The code editor has several significant features that can considerably augment the development flow of work of a developer.

Furthermore, the code editor comes along with plenty of open source packages as well as themes, several of which are developed by third-party developers. 


  • Open source and free
  • Various customization options
  • An integrated package manager
  • Git integration 
  • Simple to install packages


  • Start up occasionally takes time 
  • Infrequent performance concerns that could slow up the system

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a cross-platform source code editor of Microsoft that works on all prominent operating systems. The code editor is fast in starting up and at the time of running. The code editor is completely customizable. A developer can find several themes as well as plugins in the official marketplace. 

Furthermore, the code editor has several amazing features that can significantly augment the development flow of work. The highly remarkable feature is IntelliSense autocomplete feature that offers a listing of adept suggestions to the developer at the time of writing the code. Moreover, the code editor even has an amazing integrated debugger that lets a developer correct or debug from the editor. Also, the code editors support Git and have a distinct Git View wherein a developer can execute several Git commands. 


  • Free and open source 
  • Greatly customizable 
  • Integrated debugger
  • IntelliSense autocomplete feature 
  • Incorporated Git integration 
  • Simple to use marketplace and fine extension environment 


Brackets were particularly created for front-end developers and web designers by Adobe Systems. Moreover, it can be the perfect source code editor for a professional who majorly carries out front-end work (JavaScript, CSS, HTML). Amongst the highly amazing features is that it lets a professional to form a simultaneous association with Google Chrome. That indicates a professional can view the alterations the professional is doing in the browser. 

Even though a professional can separate the editor into horizontal or vertical panes to carry out coding, the code editor even includes the convenient inline editing feature. For example, in case a professional chooses a particular CSS ID through the cursor, the professional is capable of opening the inline editor through pressing Ctrl + E key combinations on Windows or Cmd + E key combinations on Mac.  Thereafter, the code editor is going to display the entire selectors related to that ID in an inline window. Brackets even support LESS as well as Sass which indicates that a professional can utilize them jointly through inline editing as well as live preview features, too.


  • Open source and free
  • Synchronizes with web browser via the Live Preview feature 
  • Light in weight (simply 40 MB)
  • Visual tools in reference to front-end development 
  • Preprocessor support 


  • Not that appropriate to operate in Backend languages  (for example Python, PHP, WordPress or Ruby) 
  • Fewer themes and extensions in comparison to different code editors

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is by now at its 3rd prominent release that is Sublime Text 3 and is a highly popular source code editor. It must be noted that the code editor is not free although it can be explored through a free trial. In reference to continual application, one needs to buy a license for $80. Although, the code editor does not restrict the professional from using it in case of not purchasing, simply sometimes shows up a self-opening warning informing to purchase the license. 

Amongst the prominent features of the code editor is the Goto Anything command that can be started by pressing Ctrl + P key combination. Thereafter, a professional can instantly open files, or get to specific lines, words or symbols. 


  • Awesome functioning on a platform
  • Features like Goto Anything and Multiple Selection 
  • Prompt project shift
  • High-tech package ecosystem


  • Requires license and is not available for free
  • Difficult to integrate it with Git

Light Table 

Light Table operates on all prominent operating systems, comprising Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, although the installation procedure entails some additional steps on OS X. The code editor has an elegant and simplified user interface that removes the disorder, however offers a command palette as well as a fuzzy finder to the professional. The code editor is created in ClojureScript and presently supports CSS, HTML, Python, JavaScript, Clojure, and ClojureScript. 

Through LightTable, a professional can simply carry out the online evaluation in the code that indicates the professional does not need to utilize the console at the time of seeing the results. Moreover, the Watches feature lets the professional monitor a significant value in the code. Furthermore, the code editor creates it achievable to include a thing that the project requires, including games, visualizations and graphs. 


  • Free and open source 
  • Greatly customizable 
  • Effective plugin manager
  • Prompt, uncluttered interface 



Besides selecting the code editor that suits the requirements, additional web development tools can be explored too. 

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