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6 Reasons Why Yale School of Management is Best for International Students

If you asked people who are familiar with management studies, one thing they know about Yale School of Management is “nonprofit.” Yale is known for its nonprofit expertise and for adopting a very different approach to management teaching than most business schools. Candidates who wish to be a part of the workings of the public sector, nonprofits, or social ventures should attend this school. This year, Yale School of Management ranked #1 in Non-Profit Schools, #6 in Management Schools and #7 in Best Business Schools. Here you can read all about yale Silver scholar program.

Yale has stated that the mission of the school is to educate business and society leaders. It always intends to be tightly integrated with its host university. Entrepreneurship, ethics, finance, health care administration, leadership, not-for-profit management, operations management, organisational behaviour, supply chain management/logistics, and many more departments and concentrations are offered by Yale School of Management.

Let’s look into the reasons why you should consider Yale SOM for pursuing a degree abroad;

  1. Global Brand – Because class sizes are small and are expected to stay around 500 students for the foreseeable future, we expect the programme to maintain its intimate, close-knit feel. Yale opened its doors in 1976 and is considered to be the youngest of top-tier USA business schools. However, it expanded quickly by leveraging the parent institution’s brand advantage i.e. Yale University MBA.
  2. Integrated Curriculum – Yale is constantly working to disseminate new knowledge from the experts to students and practitioners. The integrated core curriculum at Yale School of Management will provide you with a solid foundation in management systems as well as tools and strategies for applying those concepts to complex7 interconnected problems. The courses are aimed to assist the students in understanding the complexities of a corporate business environment from the viewpoints of a leader. The curriculum starts with a half-semester of classroom learning and ends with a 10-day trip to one or more corporate business capitals, during which you will get to visit corporations and meet political leaders. For their second year, some students choose to live in New York City and commute to New Haven for classes, taking advantage of their Manhattan location to network with Wall Street firms.
  3. Career Growth &  Development – As you know by now, Yale is widely known as the #1 management program for nonprofits in the world. The Career Development Office at Yale SOM will assist you in exploring career paths and pursuing a summer internship and full-time position by providing one-on-one guidance and a workshop curriculum. Your classmates and professors, as well as the tight-knit Yale SOM alumni network, are all eager to assist you in achieving your professional objectives. Within three months of graduation, 90 per cent of Yale SOM 2020 graduates received offer letters from various companies.
  4. Leadership Development – First-year students create their own unique leadership practicum plan, which they will carry out throughout the second year. Students identify leadership areas in which they want to improve and devise specific actions to help them achieve their goals. Other aspects of their management programme, such as club leadership, community service, and entrepreneurial ventures, are integrated with these actions. Working in, and leading, teams; seeing an organisation as a whole, rather than broken down by geography or function; and being aware of global challenges such as inequality and climate change are all areas where
  5. International Experiences & Network Building –  The importance of leveraging connections across function, industry, and region is a core Yale belief, which is very feasible given Yale SOM’s globalism. Yale established the GNAM (Global Network for Advanced Management), a network of 31 leading business schools from around the world. Yale SOM has also developed new virtual courses that will allow you to collaborate on projects with students from Global Network schools all over the world. developing important cross-cultural or cross-time-zone collaboration skills Students can also take online Global Network courses with classmates from any of the 27 member schools all over the world.
  6. Joint Dual Degree & Student Exchange Programmes – Management students are encouraged to develop global perspectives by attending courses at partner schools through GNAM. You can travel abroad for an entrepreneurial consulting experience through Yale. Students are paired with mission-driven social entrepreneurs in a developing country to assist them with management challenges. You can study at an international business school for a semester or a quarter. Five top business schools have semester-long exchange programmes with Yale SOM. You can also propose a custom exchange programme through Global Network Exchange, in which you can enrol in classes and electives at a Global Network school while also encouraging them to work on individual projects with a faculty mentor at a partner school.

Working in, and leading, teams; seeing an organisation as a whole, rather than broken down by geography or function; and being aware of global challenges such as inequality and climate change are just a few of the areas where Yale is focusing on developing leadership.

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