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6 Unique Handmade Rakhi Gift Ideas for Man To Make Him Smile

The Festival of Raksha Bandhan is around the corner. All brothers and sisters out there who want to make the most of this festival look for unique ways to celebrate it. If you are a sister to a brother who lo66-ves you all by heart and soul, it’s the right time for you to present him a special handmade rakhi gift. When you send rakhi online in India, you can consider sending him these cute handmade rakhi gifts.

Handmade Rakhi Gift Ideas for Man

Personalized Name Rakhi

Most of the girls are good at crafts. If you can make rakhis on your own, do not purchase them. You can get a “Personalized Rakhi” made for him. All you need to do is get your brother’s name cut out in MDF wood and tied to a “Moli” or thread. Alternatively, you can take beads of all letters of his name and add “Moli”. It is as simple as that! This easy-to-make rakhi at home can win his heart and prove to be a wonderful gift.  You can conduct research and can take more ideas from there.

Flower Bouquets

Get to know your brother’s favorite blooms, arrange it in the most beautiful way possible, and let this special and fragrance-rich gift make him smile. It is one of the handmade rakhi giftideasthat sisters have been using since ages. If you have a color scheme in mind, you can choose it otherwise, you can choose fresh, seasonal flowers of his choice, cut their thorns (if any), remove leaves and arrange them the way you like. You can choose the most beautiful flower as the focal flower and add “fillers”. Once you have arranged these flowers in your favorite pattern, you can add greenery and finally give a finishing touch to the bouquet. Finally wrap and cover it beautifully.

Prepare a Customized Chocolate Box For Him

In India, a festival means something sweet. So, you can make this coming  Rakhi festival sweeter for your brother by gifting him a personalized chocolate box. All you need to do is to pick your favorite chocolates from the market and get them arranged the way you like. You can pack them simply in a chocolate box and gift wrap them or you can give wings to your imagination to come up with a unique idea. For instance, you can arrange these chocolates in the Rakhi-shaped chocolate box or chocolate box of the favorite object like “gloves”, “bat” etc. Your brother is sure to love this.

Get a Photo Frame Prepared

Another gift item that will test your craft skills is a photo frame. This is one the best handmade Rakhi Gifts ideas that show your sentiments towards your brother. Preparing a photo frame for your brother is also a chance to showcase your craft skills. Photo frames can be prepared with cardboard and a few decorative items at home. You can prepare a photo frame and place a photo of your togetherness there. This will be the best present for him. Alternately, you can choose to prepare a picture hanging also and can put pictures of your old memories together. This is one handmade Rakhi gift idea chosen by the sisters who are too attached to their brothers.

Prepare a Dreamcatcher

Dream catchers are considered as good luck charms and obviously, you want all the best to happen to your brother. So, offer him a handmade dream catcher. It can be easily made at home. All you need is a hoop, some lace, feathers, handmade flowers, and wool. You can make this item at home and present this unique gift to your loving brother to wish him good luck.

Twig Craft

Another way to present a beautiful collection of your togetherness is to prepare a wish tree for him with some twigs. All you need to do is color a twig or branch of a twig and add your favorite pictures or elements to that wish tree. This can be a perfect home décor and an adorable handmade gift item for your brother.

Bottom Line

In the coming “Raksha Bandhan,” do not just send designer rakhi online in India or abroad. Make this festival truly special for your brother by offering him handmade gift items. Bookmarks, shadow boxes, and cards are some of the other handmade gift ideas which your brother would like.

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