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7 Reasons to Choose .NET for Enterprise Application Development

Any company choosing the framework for the development of their website ensures that it can easily integrate with their existing system and is also compatible whenever scaling is required. .NET is one such framework. It is an independent platform and supports over 60 programming languages. More to that it is highly secure and productive at the same time. If a framework delivers all these benefits to the application then why wouldn’t a company choose it. Here are some reasons companies are preferring the .NET framework for development and why you should use it too.

Easy Integration With Other Platforms

Businesses often prefer platforms that are flexible enough to integrate with other platforms. Thus,  frameworks that are platform-independent help the organization while it is scaling. Microsoft’s .NET platform is one such platform. It supports almost all major platforms in terms of integration. This also means that the organization can also use its existing application with the .NET application. Not just web, the .NET enterprise platform can also integrate with Android and iOS as well. The ecosystem is developed so well that it is agile in nature to go for step by step development. The platform independence ensures that the developer has to write code only once from scratch.

Extremely Scalable

One more amazing reason to choose .NET over other frameworks is its scalability. It has the ability to meet all the business requirements. Thus, the business gets an added advantage of adding new features faster to be ahead of competitors. Now, the skills of the developer decide how much functionality they are able to incorporate. So, ensure that when you hire .NET core developers, they are able to use this benefit in the best possible way.

Businesses are always experimenting and adding new features to their apps to make it more customer-centric. Thus, to remain in the trend, businesses have to go with the trend or they will be left behind. The benefit of .NET is that it is not just scalable but also stable. So new changes made are comparatively more stable than the other frameworks. And thus, companies would not need other software for the scalability of the app.

Multiple Language Support

.NET supports almost 60 programming languages for you to build a software application. Some of them are developed by Microsoft and are widely used like C#, C++, J# and more. The developers having expertise in these languages can easily develop the application using the Microsoft .NET framework. It also supports languages like C, Ruby, PHP, Standard ML, Java ByteCode, Scala, VB Script and a few more. Developers in any of the above-mentioned languages can develop the app using the .NET framework.

Highly Productive

If your company requires a high level of productivity while application development, .NET is the best choice. Because of factors like generics, asynchronous programming, language integrated query, etc. It also has class libraries, APIs, and multiple language support to improve development productivity. The tools provided by MS Visual Studio enable such features for the developers to achieve more output in less time.

Overall Security

.NET is a highly secure platform with some robust features like encryption, Code Access Security (CAS), and character approvals. Thus, the framework can be used as it is without any security limitation that needs a fix. It protects the system from unauthorized login attempts and any DDoS attacks. With .NET, you do not need to worry about such security threats.

Also, Microsoft keeps sending the security patch updates. They are prompt at releasing new versions if they find any shortcomings in the framework and quickly implement it. However, it depends on the developers that they are maintaining the coding standards. To discuss such things with developers during Dotnet core development. Having the practice to use such standards ensures the application is secure and the app is at lesser risk. It has security that lasts even while the user base increases.


One of the most significant aspects of the .NET framework is that it offers quick and easy to implement customization whenever the app needs to redesign, upgrade, revamp the system, add new features or integrate with other technology or platforms. Hence, keep these things in mind while you hire .NET core developers. They must be able to do this so that you do not have to spend more time and money on making small changes.

Huge Community

.NET is widely used by developers and thus has a huge and active community.  To become experts in this technology there are hundreds of documentation and resources available for beginners and intermediate developers. Other than that .NET provides various courses for developers to enrol and learn the framework in depth. Also, a lot of other content and courses are available on the internet to make the most out of it.


To leverage the benefits of these amazing benefits ensure to choose .NET framework in your next development cycle of the application. It is a highly independent platform so it will sync with the existing platform smoothly. Ensure to make the best use of the above points during the planning of dotnet core development. The companies will get quick deliveries in less time with the .NET framework.


The .NET framework is famous for its flexibility and scalability. It is a cross-platform framework where you can have apps for different platforms from just one code. Security, multi-language support, and customization are some of the features that make it the first choice for developers.

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