8 Florida Beach Towns

8 Florida Beach Towns To Visit This Winter

Winters in Florida are by all mean are much better than the rest of the Northern States, so if you wish to escape the bitter cold during the winter it only makes perfect sense to head South to a coastal city like Florida.  Florida is a junction of many amazing places but we consider 8 Florida Beach Towns To Visit This Winter for you.

Here you can enjoy miles of picturesque sandy beaches, clear skies and milder comfortable weather. But, this time around ditch the super hype and bustling beach areas for a quieter stay at some more low-key beach towns to enjoy a more serene and peaceful experience this winter. 

So, if you intend to get away to a smaller lesser-known gem with beautiful beach neighborhoods and quaint cottages.  Then here are some details that will help you to plan your journey and explore this beautiful destination. Let’s visit the Southwest Airlines Website and check the best winter offer to visit this place.

Here You Can See The List Of 8 Florida Beach Towns To Visit This Winter

1. Gasparilla

The island here mainly uses bikes and golf carts to get around and the Port Boca Grande Lighthouse built in 1890 is still standing today, open to the public from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. except on Sundays when it opens by noon. 

Picnics here are also especially great. Boca Grande Resort and Palmetto Inn are good places to spend the night but Gasparilla Inn and Club are undoubtedly some of the best posh accommodations here.

2. Vero Beach

Located along the Treasure Coast between Orlando and Miami, Vero Beach is an easy-going laid-back town particularly well known for the sunken Spanish treasure fleets that sunk here in the 1700s. Here at the beach, you can find local folds roaming around the beach with metal detectors after a storm to unearth treasures and between March and October. 

3. Navarre Beach

With nearly 12 miles of laid-back beach, Navarre Beach has been declared by some as Florida’s most relaxing town. If pristine blue waters and sandy white beaches are part of your equation to a quintessential holiday then you won’t be left disappointed here, for sure. 

This is undoubtedly one of the most underrated beaches perfect for any getaway with lots of affordable hotels available here. 

4. Pass-A-Grille Beach

Here Sea Critters Café, Paradise Grille are some go-to spots to grab a quick bite and a cold beer literally just steps away from the sand.  Fort DeSoto Park could be a great place to have fun and the pristine water remain ideal to swim year-round. Sabal Palms Inn and Coconut Inn here provide good accommodation with family-friendly perks and great views of the beach.

5. Amelia Island

Fort Clinch is also a good place to visit with several miles of hiking trail surrounding the fort and the museum adjacent to it is also a nice place to explore. Fernandina Beach which is Amelia Island’s main town also has a lot of character to it with its age-old Victorian-era-styled buildings and small fishing cottages that house both shops and restaurants. 

6. Atlantic Beach

A mainly residential area with only One Ocean Resort and Spa as its visible highrise, only a few surfers and vacationers in the loop make their way to this coastal town that sports an East Coast vibe despite being on the Outer Bank. 

You’ll probably find a lot bikers pedaling here along the beach at low tide or making their way to Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park that offers about 20 miles of biking trails. 

7. Anne Maria Island

The island here presents exceptional sunsets at Florida Island’s Gulf Coast Beach. At the northern end of the beach is Bean Point Beach which provides a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere. From the different places to visit Florida, you should prefer Aeromexico Book Flight for a budget-friendly experience.

Some crowd favorite restaurants around the island are The Waterfront and Beach House Restaurant, there are many other local restaurants too here that provide fresh seafood and a great view of the water.

8. Deerfield Beach

The Beach here also has been adjourned a “Blue Wave Beach” by the Clean Beach Council and stays pristine with clear waters and sandy beach. Visitors are also recommended to try fishing here along the 967-foot long fishing pier available here.

While the kids can frolic about in the water slides at Splash Adventure Water Park. JB’s On The Beach, Charm City Burger Company and Little Havana Restaurants here are no-brainer spots to eat here when hunger strikes.

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