Stunning Statement Pieces

8 Stunning Statement Pieces & How to Style Them

One of the best ways to make any outfit unique is to wear a statement piece. Statement pieces are those items that stand out and demand attention, drawing the eye away from everything else you’re wearing. Statement pieces can be used in several ways, from adding a splash of color to your ensemble to making your outfit instantly more interesting. So here are eight statement pieces and how you can style them.

1. Designer Belt

A designer belt can be the perfect addition to an outfit, making any ensemble instantly more interesting. The size of the belt can vary depending on how much it will draw attention, though it’s always a good idea to keep the belt away from your midsection and not tie your waist too tightly. You can style the belt with several different outfits, from wearing a dress shirt and pants to pairing it with a T-shirt and jeans.

2. Statement Necklace

A statement necklace draws attention to itself and is versatile, meaning that you can pair it with many different outfits. A statement necklace works best when it’s an accessory that matches the rest of your outfit, such as a pendant necklace with a casual dress shirt. You can style it in a suit or a dress shirt.

3. Statement Jewelry

Your jewelry can be a statement piece for your outfit too. You can wear unique photo jewelry that is great for stacking with different pieces. You can style your statement jewelry with a pair of jeans and make your outfit instantly more interesting, or you can wear several different pieces of jewelry together.

4. Statement Hat

A statement is another way to add more style and flair to your outfit. Several different hat styles can make an outfit unique, including the newsboy cap, porkpie hat, and baker boy cap. No matter what type of hat you choose to wear, always be sure it’s a style that will fit your outfit and bring out its most interesting features. For example, you can style it with a suit, a T-shirt and jeans or a dress shirt and slacks.

5. Statement Clutch Bag

A clutch bag is another statement piece that instantly adds style to your ensemble. You can style a statement bag with many different outfits. For instance, you can style a statement bag with a dress shirt and slacks for the perfect work outfit. You can wear a statement bag with jeans or leggings and even add a little flair to your outfit by wearing it with high heels.

6. Statement Jacket

A statement jacket can be worn in many ways, depending on how it’s styled and the outfit it’s paired with. For instance, you can style it with a casual T-shirt to a suit or pair it with high-waisted jeans and a dress shirt. You can also use it to create an interesting outfit that draws attention away from other accessories, such as a statement jacket paired with baggy sweatpants and a baseball cap.

7. Statement Sweater

A sweater is another statement piece that can make any outfit unique by adding splashes of color or interesting patterns to your ensemble. There are many kinds of sweater styles, including roll-neck sweaters and cardigans. You can wear a statement sweater with many different outfit styles. For example, you can style it with leggings and a top while hanging out at home. You can also wear a sweater with a dress shirt and slacks if you want to wear it out on the town.

8. Ornate Shoes

Different shoe styles make statements, including boots, high heels, and sneakers. You can style your ornate shoes with a variety of different outfits. For instance, you can style ornate boots with a suit or pair them with jeans and a T-shirt. Or, you can wear high heels and a dress shirt with a jacket. Also, you can wear sneakers with anything from a casual bottom like jeans to a dress shirt.


Statement pieces are often overlooked in fashion, but they are versatile and can be worn in many different outfits. You can style statement pieces with anything from a dress shirt and slacks to jeans and a T-shirt. Just be sure you’re not overdoing it by wearing too many statement pieces at once and keeping it understated.

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