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5 Tips for Finding the Best Freelance WordPress Developers This Year

Searching for the ideal WordPress developers for your website is no easy feat. The sheer amount of freelance choices makes it tough to identify true talent. One wrong hire could derail your site with problems galore.

But take heart, the perfect developer match awaits! With the right hiring approach, you can connect with WordPress pros ready to make your project shine. In this guide, we’ll share insider tips to efficiently spot elite talent on freelance platforms. Learn how to decipher developer portfolios to find proven experts. Discover tactics for clearly conveying your project needs and getting the right fit. Read on for advice on parsing proposals to select the best fit, not just the lowest bid. And uncover when a small test project can save you from catastrophe.

Follow our 5 tips and soon you’ll partner with WordPress developers ready to expertly bring your website vision to life. Skilled talent awaits to deliver website success right on time and budget. Keep reading!

1. Use Reputable Freelance Sites

When searching for WordPress developers, reputable freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com are great places to start. These sites allow you to view developer profiles, see feedback and reviews, and post your job to attract applicants.

Focus your search on WordPress developers with extensive WordPress experience that is clearly outlined in their profiles. Look for specific skills like theme development, plugin creation, custom post types, payment integrations, SEO optimization, and security. Strong reviews indicate happy clients and finished projects.

Shortlist a few potential WordPress developers from these platforms that match your needs. Then dive deeper by scheduling interviews and having conversations. This extra step helps verify their expertise beyond just a profile. The top talent registers on these sites, so take time to filter carefully. The results are worth it.

2. Check Portfolios and Past Work

A developer’s portfolio and previous WordPress projects offer a valuable glimpse into their skills and capabilities. Take time to thoroughly check out their case studies, live site examples, design work, and client testimonials.

Look for beautiful, responsive website designs optimized for mobile devices. See if they have experience with custom features like calendars, forums, user logins, and interactive elements. And do their sites appear secure, fast loading, and easy to navigate? The portfolio should showcase breadth and depth of real-world expertise.

  • Verify mobile friendliness and site speed
  • Check for modern, clean design aesthetics
  • Look for custom plugins, payment integrations
  • See examples of interactive features
  • Read client testimonials and feedback

Vetting through portfolios takes effort but prevents hiring the wrong fit for your project. Developers must demonstrate WordPress mastery through past work.

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3. Clearly Communicate Your Needs

Creating a detailed project description is crucial for attracting the best WordPress developers. Clearly outline your goals, target audience, must-have features, content needs, timeline, and budget. The more details you provide, the higher the chance of finding an aligned developer.

For example, explain the overall vision and purpose of the site. List any specific plugins or integrations needed like ecommerce, forums, or user logins. Detail the types of content you need help with such as blog posts, videos, or podcasts. And set clear expectations around timeframe and budget.

  • Explain overall vision and goals
  • List must-have features or plugins
  • Detail types of content needed
  • Set clear timeline expectations
  • Communicate budget for project

With an in-depth and thoughtful project brief, you can attract developers who possess the precise expertise your website needs. This avoids wasted time from misaligned priorities or lack of capabilities

4. Compare Bids Carefully

When evaluating and comparing bids from developers, look beyond just the price quoted. The cheapest bid may not align with your needs or provide the best value.

Carefully review each proposal and portfolio side-by-side. Seek evidence of expertise related to your specific project. For example, does the developer have experience with your required functionality and integrations? Do their previous sites have a similar look and feel? Make sure they have asked clarifying questions and demonstrated understanding.

  • Look beyond lowest price to overall value
  • Review portfolios side-by-side for relevant experience
  • Ensure bid aligns with required integrations
  • See if previous work matches desired aesthetics
  • Select developers who asked thoughtful questions

With patience and diligence, you can find affordable bids from qualified developers who get your needs. Price matters, but value matters more. Take time to carefully evaluate experience.

5. Start Small to Test the Waters

Before entrusting an important or expensive WordPress project, consider starting small. Have developers complete a smaller task like a website audit or simple design tweak first.

This lets you evaluate their skills, communication, and professionalism on a low-risk trial basis. Look for WordPress developers who ask thoughtful questions, submit high-quality deliverables, and communicate clearly. Successful small projects build trust that they can handle bigger undertakings.

  • Test developers with small tasks first
  • Evaluate skills on low-risk projects
  • Assess communication and professionalism
  • Check for clear questions and deliverables
  • Use small wins to build trust

Taking a phased approach reduces risk and creates long-term partnerships. WordPress Developers who excel at smaller assignments demonstrate their readiness for bigger projects. Invest time upfront finding the right fit.


Finding the best WordPress developers takes time but is worth the effort. Leveraging reputable freelance platforms, thoroughly reviewing portfolios, clearly communicating needs, carefully comparing proposals, and testing candidates with small projects will help you make the right hire. Prioritizing fit over price leads to better outcomes and stronger relationships. With the tips provided, you can confidently find skilled developers ready to bring your WordPress vision to life this year. Carefully evaluate candidates until you find the perfect partner to trust with your important project. The search is challenging but rewarding. Follow this advice to connect with top WordPress talent ready to deliver success.

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