Camping Near Mumbai

Best Hidden Camping Sites near Mumbai


The largest city in the country, Mumbai is visited by people from all over the country as well as different parts of the world in large numbers every year. Apart from its strategic and historical importance, the city is also known for its culture. The popular tourist destinations in the city are among the most famous tourist destinations in the country.

Apart from these, there are numerous camping sites which have emerged in and around Mumbai, which are also becoming increasingly popular. Ideal for people looking to spend a day or two in solitude and away from the crowd, most of these camping sites are yet to be explored on a large scale and remain hidden amidst nature. This article gives a brief introduction to some of the best hidden camping sites around Mumbai one can visit.


A small city located at a distance of about 48 kms from Mumbai in the Raigad district, Karnala is one of the most sought after trekking and camping sites near Mumbai. Main attractions of the region include an 14th century hill fort and the Karnala bird sanctuary in the reserved forest surrounding the fort. The place is an ideal one for people looking to spend a day in serenity and away from the hustle and chaos of the city.

Covered with lush green valleys along with a rich natural biodiversity, the region is no less than a paradise on earth for nature lovers. An absolute treat for especially bird watchers and ornithologists, the sanctuary is home to some rare and endangered species of resident and migratory birds, which include the ashy minivet, the three-toed kingfisher, the grey-fronted green pigeon, the Nilgiri wood pigeon, the Malabar parakeet and so on.


A small industrial city at a distance of about 73 kms from Mumbai in the Raigad district, Khopoli (earlier known as Campoolie) is among the lesser visited camping sites in the state. Mostly known for its serene environment away from the crowd, Khopoli is growing as a popular camping site at a fast rate. Main places of interest in the region include the include a fine oval shaped reservoir made of black rock and a Mahadev temple, a Parshurama temple and Agni Mandir, the Gangagiri Maharaj ashram, the Imagica theme park, waterfalls like the Zenith and Kune, the Tungarli lake etc.

Lying at the foothills of the Sahyadri mountains, the picturesque views of nearby places along with the rich variety of flora and fauna make this place a sheer delight for nature lovers. Tourists mostly visit this place especially during the monsoons, as the weather is pleasant and one can even find several waterfalls in the area.


Located on the northern banks of the Bhatsa river, Vasind is a small sub-urban city in the Thane district and at a distance of about 63 kms from Mumbai. Mainly known for the ancient temples and their architecture, Vasind is also famous for its serene environment and picturesque scenic beauty.

A perfect weekend getaway, it is becoming increasingly popular among people looking to spend a day or two amidst nature and away from the busy and hectic life in the city. Surrounded by hillocks and lush green valleys, it is quite a favourable spot for trekking and hiking as well. One also gets a chance to explore the rich culture and heritage of the local villages like Bhatsai and Pali. The region also offers ample opportunities for adventure activities like kayaking and jeep safari.  


A small hill station in the Raigad district and lying about 90 kms away from Mumbai, Matheran is an eco-sensitive region. Located in the Western Ghats, it is one of the smallest hill stations in the country. Literally meaning ‘forest on the forehead (of the mountains)’, the region is visited frequently by tourists from the nearby cities especially during weekends. Motor vehicles are restricted in the region and the only mode of transportation is the narrow gauge railway.

Best known for its spectacular scenic beauty of the mountains and lush green valleys and forests, Matheran is simply a heaven on earth for nature lovers. The region has numerous viewpoints which offer stunning views to the nearby areas. These include the Panorama point, the Louisa point, One Tree Hill point, Heart point, Monkey point and many more. Apart from all these, the place is also known for its well preserved colonial architecture. Though the place can be visited at any time of the year, tourists mostly visit it during the months of October to May, owing to the pleasant and favourable climate. 

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