Jim Corbett National Park

Best Places to See in Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park holds the title of Oldest National Park in India. This beautiful national park located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand is highly rich in its flora and fauna. There are different places to visit in Jim Corbett National Park that including places that possess natural beauty, wildlife as well as adventure.

This national park is part of the sub-Himalayan belt where you will get the chance to witness a large variety of mammals, reptiles, birds and habitation.

If you are planning to visit Jim Corbett National Park anytime soon. We are providing you with a list of must-visit places in Jim Corbett that would add some additional stars to your trip. There you can do more than just witness the wildlife.

Corbett Museum

Museums typically don’t appeal to many people, but this one is unique, much like the other sites we’ve visited. Jim Corbett, a hunter and naturalist, once lived in the building. As a result, you can see many of his possessions as well as other priceless artefacts from history. With a wonderful collection of antiques, it entertains both adults and children.

By visiting this museum, you can know about the life of the person on whom the name of the oldest national park of India is based. Also, you will be witnessing different things used while hunting since ancient times.

Kosi River

Someone may be moved to write poetry about nature by Kosi’s beauty. You might not want to leave because it is so beautiful and expansive. Together, the hilly background and the freshwater create a beautiful scene. Additionally, you get to relax and enjoy the shore’s many activities.

Visiting the Kosi river would be one of the major attractions of Jim Corbett National Park that will be sufficient to rejuvenate you.

Corbett Waterfall

For every traveller who has come to view the beauty of nature, this place is remarkable. Not only will you be happy to see the lake here, but you can also have a picnic with your family. It’s a wonderful location for camping as well as taking in the natural beauty of the area.

Here you can experience staying just near nature. It would lead to freshening up your mind as well as the soul.

Durga Temple

Durga Mandir thrills you in this regard. The architecture of temples is one of their most striking features. This temple has an extraordinary appearance because of the stone carvings, which elevate it to a hallowed location for all followers. This temple attracts visitors from the wildlife because it is situated in a forest environment.

Different Jungle Safari Zones of Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park

There are different Jungle Safari Zones in the Jim Corbett National Park where you can enjoy Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari to witness Royal Bengal Tigers and other wildlife creatures.

The major safari zones are namely Dhikala Zone, Bijrani Zone, Jhirna Zone, Durga Devi Zone, Sonanandi Zone etc. Out of these Safari Zones, Jhirna and Sonanandi Zones remains open throughout the year. Whereas other remains closed in the monsoon months of July to September.

You can visit this National Park any time of the year. But the best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park is between October to February when the weather remains cold and pleasant.

You may witness riverine belts, marshlands, hills, and a sizable lake in this national park. For those who wish to experience nature in all of its raw beauty, it is heaven. It enables you to be charmed by the stunning fauna of India.

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