Court Notice Ads

Booking Court Notice Ads in Newspaper is Easy via Adinnewspaper

What is a court notice?

When the court informs the caveator regarding the filing of application against him/her by issuing a notice is called a court notice. This notice is to be informed public in large about the judicial action to be taken against a person, entity or a company. This notice issued by the court is to be published in newspaper. The instructions as given by the court are to be strictly followed.

Publish court notice advertisement in newspaper through

As soon as you receive the document, immediately contact Adinnewspaper for the same.

Which all documents required for publishing court notice ad in newspaper?

The photocopy of the document as issued by the court is required. This is mandatory. The words as written in the document are to be published exactly. You cannot skip any word and neither can you change the language.

The court can also specify the name and location of the newspaper. Strictly you have to obey the court.

Adinnewspaper helps you in every way. The team will guide you for publishing court notice ad in newspaper.

How to book court notice advertisement online? is the online facility of Mind Makers Communication Pvt. Ltd. This advertising agency is three decades old. So the team is very efficient in their work. You can completely rely on us. Absolutely hassle free website. The newspaper rates are as per the publications. No extra charges are taken by the agency. The agency is absolutely transparent in advertisement costing and all other things.

The newspaper advertisements for court notices can be published in three formats. Classified text ads which are in words and the costing is according to the number of characters. Secondly is in the classified display format. This is in a box. The size is calculated as per width in per square centimeter and the width is fixed. The height of the box is as per the matter.

The height of classified display ads can increase but the width remains the same. Thirdly is in Display ad format. Here the width and the height both can vary. The costing is much higher than the other two. You can take the help of the team before booking the ad as for which format to opt for. The team will guide as per the court notice document given to you.

In three steps, book court notice ad in newspaper.

Firstly select category, which is court notice. Secondly select the newspaper and compose your ad and while you are composing the pre view of the ad is visible there along with the ad costing. Thirdly select date and make payment for the same. As said earlier the publication rates are only taken. No extra charges are taken.

This way your advertisement is booked. You will receive a mail of your ad booking. The team goes through your matter before giving for printing. In case they find any error you will be notified for the same. The corrections will be done and the corrected matter will be resent for your approval. After the approval and on receiving of the document the ad will be released.

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