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Can Mystic Sleep, an Ayurvedic formula for sound, healthy sleep, be used to treat insomnia and other sleep disorders caused by stress? Ask any Ayurvedic practitioner and you’ll hear a resounding, “Yes!”

The modern, unhealthy and stressful lifestyle we live seems to have deprived us of our seven hours of sleep each night. Everybody, no matter how old or young, needs to get enough sleep to replenish daily energy and rest. No matter how much exercise or food you eat, a lack of adequate sleep can lead to a worsening of the body’s condition. Sleep deprivation, if not treated promptly, can lead to many health problems.

Mystic Sleep was created to restore natural and normal sleeping patterns.

How To Use

No one can deny that sleep is vital for our health. In the so-called developed world, women and men are constantly stressed and chasing fame, money and a luxurious lifestyle. What good are these if the body doesn’t get enough rest? Our body craves rest, and we can lead it to slow but certain deterioration if we don’t listen.

Do you recall the last time you took a cold to the doctor? What was his response? He said that he was going to sleep.

Researches have repeatedly shown that sleep is essential for survival and helps the nervous system function at its best. You may feel tired and take naps when you should be sleeping.

How to Works

Millions of Americans are likely to be sleep deprived. They may not have had enough sleep last night. Sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems and chronic Modvigil 200 is becoming a more common problem. These problems are often attributed to other sleep disorders or insomnia. There is increasing evidence linking chronic sleep deprivation with many of the current health problems in America.

Top 7 Health Conditions Related to Chronic Sleep Deprivation


Evidence is mounting that people who sleep less than five hours a night are less able to regulate stress hormones, leading to high blood pressure.

Heart Disease :

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has well documented cardiovascular disease and its relationship with sleep deprivation. Studies have shown that there are changes in the body’s metabolic and endocrine functions, as well as its ability to tolerate glucose. There has also been an increase in sympathetic nervous system activity, hypertension, and decreased insulin sensitivity. These conditions all increase the likelihood of developing arteriosclerosis.


Spiegel’s 2004 study revealed that sleep deprivation decreased leptin production, which suppresses appetite by 18%, and increased ghrelin by 28%.

Brain fog:

Everything in the body is controlled by the brain. The brain’s ability to function without rest rapidly decreases. The brain’s ability to perform its tasks less efficiently leads to memory loss and concentration levels plummeting. Problem solving becomes a burden. Insufficient sleep can also lead to hallucinations, stuttering, and other symptoms.

Slower reaction times:

Anybody who has experienced sleep deprivation knows the dangers of driving or using machinery at work without enough rest. Drivers are affected by sleep deprivation in the same way that alcohol does: it slows down their reaction time.


People who don’t get enough sleep are most likely to experience some degree of depression. Untreated depression can lead to suicide. Depression symptoms diminish with more sleep.


Everybody is irritable at times. However, irritability can be exacerbated by decreased sleep or increased fidgetiness. Are you irritable, anxious, moody or temperamental? If so, you are probably sleep deprived.

It’s never too late for you to adjust your sleep cycle so that you get more rest. Try to get the sleep your body needs every night. For most people, seven to eight hours of sleep is sufficient. You can take short power naps throughout the day to ensure you get enough rest.

Avoid eating at night to get a better nights sleep. Instead, eat before bed. Your All Generic Pills is more important than anything on Facebook at 2 AM. You should create a sleep schedule and stick to it. Contrary to popular belief a strong drink before bed does not make you sleep better. Turn off the TV and other lights when you’re ready to go to bed. Get comfy and let your body relax. Restful sleep is good for your body and mind. Sleep well, have sweet dreams and don’t let bed bugs bite you while you count the sheep. Modvigil 200

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