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Emergency Orthodontist Near Me – Five Signs You Need to See One

How do you know if you need to visit an emergency orthodontist near me? Although many orthodontic problems can be managed with the help of your regular dentist, some issues require specialized treatment. Here are five signs that it’s time to see an emergency orthodontist near me.

5 telltale signs you need an emergency orthodontist

Do you have a toothache? An abscessed tooth may be your body’s way of telling you that something’s wrong with your braces. If it becomes infected, a root canal may be in order. To save yourself time and money (and pain), it might be wise to call an emergency orthodontist near me if you suspect something is wrong with your braces. Other orthodontic emergencies include broken brackets, lose wires, or other malfunctions. Rather than waiting for these problems to get worse, call for help as soon as possible.

Impacted Tooth

First, an impacted tooth is one that is so positioned inside your mouth that it cannot emerge. Under these circumstances, you will experience toothache. This condition requires an emergency orthodontist near me because he can remove it safely. An impacted tooth may also be a sign of poor dental hygiene and in such instances must be attended to by a good dentist orthodontist near me. Good dentists will prescribe certain oral hygiene measures which they recommend their patients undertake in order to prevent future problems like recurrence of impacted teeth. These include flossing regularly, brushing twice daily using fluoride-based dentifrices and rinsing with water following meals during which starchy food has been consumed.

Root Canals in the Same Tooth

A crack in a tooth could be your first sign that something is wrong. There are many reasons why cracks in teeth develop, but if you see one, it’s important to visit an emergency orthodontist near me right away. The longer you leave a crack untreated, whether or not it seems like anything too serious just yet, the worse your problem could get. Have your cracked tooth examined by an emergency orthodontist near me as soon as possible.

Cracked Tooth

If you crack your tooth, don’t panic. In some cases, a cracked tooth can heal itself in three weeks with good oral hygiene and a careful bite. If you notice more sensitivity or pain than normal after a few days, however, it’s time to visit an emergency orthodontist near me. Don’t wait any longer—not only could a cracked tooth lead to decay, but if you accidentally swallow pieces of your tooth, you may end up needing surgery. The sooner you see an emergency dentist after cracking your tooth (whether it be at night or during business hours), the better off your dental health will be in both short-term and long-term care .

Sore Jaw

When braces are slightly shifted or misplaced, they can cause pain and irritation of your gums. This is usually a sign that there’s an issue with them and it’s best to see an orthodontist as soon as possible. In many cases, they can quickly fix it and in rare cases, you may need to start over with new braces. Either way, you want a professional at the job.

Displaced Braces

Braces that are displaced, or starting to slip out of place, should be seen by an orthodontist. Without treatment from a professional, you could end up with permanent damage or your braces could fall off completely. Thankfully, it’s easy for an orthodontist to fix a displaced brace in just one visit. Schedule an appointment if you suspect your braces have slipped; never attempt to reposition them yourself—you could cause more damage and possibly even break them. Most orthodontists will offer evening and weekend appointments as well; call early on in your problem so they can get you scheduled as soon as possible. It’s best if you go after eating but before bedtime—you don’t want any food particles interfering with their work!

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