Exciting Jewelry Trends

Exciting Jewelry Trends for Spring/Summer 2022

Jewelry can be perfectly shown off during the summers and spring seasons. The colourful gems look lovely when worn on bright dress and outfits. They are easily visible in the summer season in comparison with the winters. In this blog, we have listed a few top-rated gemstones with their detailed detail, so check all these stones.

Opal And Moonstone

Opal jewelry is the prettiest gemstone ever, made of silica and water. It can be worn on any kind of outfit as this gemstone comes in many hues, like, blue, white, pink, yellow, orange, black, multicoloured, and even colourless. So, the wearer can choose the color of the stone according to their outfit. However, Ethiopia has the best and the high-grade quality of opals, whereas Opal is the national gemstone of Australia as it is the largest exporter of opal to the whole world. The gem is fragile in nature and can be broken or gets scratched easily as it rates between 4 to 6 on the hardness scale. One buying it has to be careful with this gemstone.

The next stone we will talk about is the Moonstone, which is also called the Moon magic stone as the name suggests that the gemstone has some relevance to the moon. So, it is absolutely correct that these stones possess the power of the moon; it has the sheen which shines and reflects, attracting many gem lovers towards it. Moreover, it has the capability of the goddess Diana, which brings the energies of love and hope inside the person wearing this stone. In addition, it will bring happiness and comfort.

Talking about the varieties of moonstone jewelry, then the best moonstone piece comes from Sri Lanka and India, which creates beautiful jewelry pieces. Moreover, it is also found in many hues and is set into sterling silver, rose gold or in yellow gold.

Now, Let Us Talk About The Mookaite And Botswana Agate

Mookaite is the gemstone with the energy of the earth, found in shades of red, yellow and purple. The tiny remains of radiolarians create the sedimentary rocks forming the Mookaite crystal. This fascinating process occurs in only one place in the world, within the Kennedy Ranges near Gascoyne Junction, Windalia Radiolarite, Western Australia. The stone belongs to the Jasper mineral family and looks elegant when worn in the form of rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and many more. However, this stone is composed of chert, chalcedony and opalite. Wearing the Mookaite jewelry enhances the creativity and connection to self source. It heals health problems and makes the person healthy and wealthy.

Botswana Agate is a member of the quartz mineral family and is the variation of banded Chalcedony found in the hues of pink and grey with the layering of apricot and browns. They strengthen and stabilise the wearer with their intense energies and are said to be an ideal stone for harmonising yin and yang. This stone comes explicitly from the mines of Botswana. Basically, it is a landlocked country in the centre of Southern Africa. It is the 200 million-year-old stone which formed due to the volcanic flow. In addition, it brings the fire energies with it, which allows the person to be unique and different from all. It removes the negative vibes from life and gets the energy of optimistic hopes.

Buying These Gemstones From?

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