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Face Id Not Working on My Device, How to Fix it?

Unlocking your device with Face ID can be a convenient and safe way to prevent unauthorized access. The facial recognition system known as Face ID is used to open iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. Even though it is a quick and easy way to unlock your phone, you can take face ID for granted because if someone has similar features as yours then they can also unlock your device through the face ID lock system, and the face ID lock system can also be stuck in between and you will be unable to open your device.

Some people are facing this problem where they are unable to open their devices and we have some solutions for them to fix it. 

Solutions to fix face lock

Solutions to fix why it isn’t my face id working:-

  1. Check the face id settings

Before taking any step further to fix it, check the settings of the face id

  • Open iPhone settings and then face id and password
  • If you see the option to reset the face id it means you have already set up the face id and need to follow the next step to fix the face id lock
  1. Clean face id sensor

If the face Id lock is not working then clean the face ID sensor of your iPhone, take a dry cotton cloth, and rub it on the sensor gently and your face ID lock will start working. 

  1. Make sure your face is completely visible

If you are wearing any mask, or veil or covering your face in any way then it is difficult for face id sensors to recognize you and unlock your face. It is necessary to make your face completely visible when you are using a face id lock. Otherwise, you will say my face id isn’t working‘. 

  1. Restart your iPhone

Restart your iPhone and release the most effective way to fix face ID unlock problems. After restarting your device for the first time you have unlocked it by entering a password and after that face, the id lock will start working.

  1. Reset all settings

Resetting all settings will not reset your device and you will not lose any of your documents, photos, videos, and other things. It will only reset the settings that you have set for wifi, screen layout, Bluetooth, etc.

  1. Update your iPhone

True Depth camera not working then update your iPhone fixes bugs by updating its version. If you are constantly facing this issue then you must update your iOS.

  1. Reset face id and set it up again

Even though you have already set your face ID, remove your earlier face ID and reset it. 

Summing up

6 ways are present in front of you by which you can easily solve the issue of face ID lock try any one of the above-mentioned solutions and still if you are facing the same issue repeatedly and nothing works for you then do not waste any time and try to fix it on your go to the Apple Store and let them fix it for you.

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