Festivals in Himachal

Famous Festivals in Himachal Pradesh

Swastik Holiday, a best travel agent in Mumbai, compiled a list of Top 10 festivals in himachal pradesh. which are mentioned below:

Kullu Dussehra

Kullu Dussehra is one of the famous festivals in Himachal Pradesh which celebrates in October Month. Due to this renowned International Mega Dussehra festival, a big fair is always organized in Dhalpur maidan in the Kullu valley every year that attracts millions of people from all over the earth. It was starts in 1606 and continues till now.


Losar is a festival of Tibetan Buddhism. It is also celebrated in Tibet, Nepal & Bhutan. It is one of the most religious festivals in Himachal Pradesh. Tibetan New Year begins with this festival. Losar is celebrated three days of the first lunar month.


Halda is one of most beautiful festivals in Himachal Pradesh which held on the auspicious occasion of Magha Purnima. It’s a two-day spectacular carnival quite similar to diwali. It celebrates in a remote region of the Lahaul valley. Roots of Halda festival are in the Lamaistic traditions of the valley. The festival always celebrates in January month.


Sazo festival is one of the beautiful ancient festivals of Himachal Pradesh that brings religious and spiritual bliss to the whole Kinnaur valley. It is strongly persuasion that the deities return to heaven for a period of time during this festival. Their departure is regarded as a major event. The people of valley follow all the procedures throughout the festivity. The Sazo festival also   celebrates in January.

Doongri Fair                 

Doongri Festival is the main source of Mahabharata epic. It is one of the most religious festival in himachal pradesh. On this day, the birthday of Bhima’s wife is celebrated with great pomp in shimla. Local people of shimla assemble at hadimba temple to pay acclamation to Hadimba Devi. Every year, a large fair is held in honour of their Devi which is known as hadimba devi fair. This festival is celebrated on Basant Panchami at first day of the spring season.

Pori Festival

Pori is one of the most beautiful festival in Himachal Pradesh which is celebrates by both Hindus and Buddhists with great joy and gaiety. This 3-days long festival celebrates in the third week of August every Year. In the festival, worship is first done in the famous Triloknath Temple and then after that people decorate and bath their horses, lights up butter candles, take out processions, enjoy folk performances and great feasts. A big fair also held in Lahaul valley, where visitors can taste local food and buy local handcrafted at reasonable rates.

Minjar Fair

Minjar is one of the major festivals of Himachal Pradesh. This festival celebrates in chamba valley to commemorate the victory of King Tigrit of Chamba on the second Sunday of the Shravan month. It attracts a great number of visitors in Chamba Valley. During this festival, the people of the state wear silk tassels, performing flag hoisting rituals and and take part in cultural programs such as chariot pulling, processions and parades etc.

Summer Festival

Summer Utsav, Like its name, is an annual festival celebrated for five days, which is organized in the hill states at the beginning of the scorching summer season. This festival started in 1960 in shimla, the summer capital of India. It is one of the major festivals of Himachal which impresses the visitors a lot due to its numerous attractions like Flower exhibits, fashion presentations, musical nights, ice-skating activities, photography sessions, poster-making competitions. The festival begins with a half marathon, followed by a variety of cultural and sporting events.

Spring Festival

Spring festival is one of the most famous festivals in himachal pradesh. A variety of cultural programs are organized during this festival like classic music and dance. This festival is not only for fun, but it is also very important for business of the residents of Lahaul district. People come back to their homes on this festival and buy important items for their homes and agriculture from the fair.

International Himalayan Festival

The International Himalaya Festival celebrates to win the Nobel Prize for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The Students of Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts and local artists perform cultural performances and events at this festival. This festival lasts for 3 days and promotes peace, love and harmony among the local people. Visitors can participate in cultural acts as well as the gorgeous surroundings and enjoy their holidays.

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