Gaming Zones and Arenas for an Otherworldly Gaming Experience

Video games have always been a major form of entertainment. Games are an exciting, innovative and creative social enterprise. Fun and enjoyment is the primary objective of the gaming world. Video games have been around for decades and span across a gamut of platforms, from arcade systems to consoles and mobile devices. They’re at the forefront of computer technology. Video games are electronic games that involve interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback. This visual feedback is typically displayed on a video display device, such as a TV set, monitor, touchscreen or virtual reality headset. To enhance the user’s experience, they are often augmented with audio delivered through speakers or headphones and sometimes with other types of technology, like haptic technology.

They are categorized based on their platforms, including arcade video games, console games and personal computer games. They can also be classified into various genres based on their preferred type of gameplay and purpose. However, unlike movies or series that use the narrative’s visual aspect, video games are generally categorized into genres based on an individual’s gameplay interaction. Some games are also known as cross genres, as they fall into multiple top-level genres, for example, action-adventure, strategy-action, multi mode role playing(mmrp) games. Video games can also be distinguished on the basis of player i.e.  single-player or multiplayer. Multiplayer games can be played in various ways, via local area network or a wide area network using the internet at the same time on separate devices. Most multiplayer games are extremely competitive and offer team-based interaction. For example, the Multiplayer online battle arena is a subgenre of video games. It involves two teams of players competing against each other on a predefined battlefield where single-player controls each character in the game. The characters usually have a distinct set of abilities that are enhanced as the game moves forward.

A zone or area is a term used for one of the parts of the shared virtual entertainment. They are seamless and offer users a real-life experience. They blur the boundaries of reality to immerse you in a whole new world of possibility. They provide users with the tools that one needs to step into the game and embrace a mind-altering, horizon-expanding experience untethered by wires or limitations. They encourage you to experience gaming like never before by exploring an exhilarating adventure in a new dimension. It offers you the opportunity to play with your friends and talk to your fellow players and teammates through a microphone or headset. The games can offer the following experiences-

  • Shooting zombies and surviving a post-apocalyptic world
  • Casting spells and exploring mythical lands of magic, witchcraft and wizardry
  • Hunting to save the world
  • Fighting off aliens and galactic monsters in exceptionally designed space-themed battle adventures
  • Participating in military warfare operations, selecting your weapons, finding cover and preparing yourself for war
  • Facing your fears by exploring horror-themed mansions, summoning demons or performing other activities
  • Solving puzzles, discovering clues and cracking codes.
  • You also have the option of perfecting dance moves. 

The gaming zone offers users freedom of movement, interaction with physical objects and people, in real-time with feedback from the environment and a gaming experience like never before. The applications have a wide range, from entertainment to esports and beyond.  The gaming arena is supported with excellent systems and multiple pieces of world-class technology. Masterfully designed games and custom-designed gaming gear offers users an immersive and full-body experience. The state of the art headsets offer high definition graphic detail and surround sound. They enhance your hearing senses and push you into a new sensory realm. Intuitive weapons and gear adapt to the tasks of the game and offer high precision virtual world interactions. The robust VR backpack allows users to experience realistic sensations, endless exploration and flawless tracking. This is the ultimate social experience that entertains users and enhances their thinking, decision-making skills, reflexes and much more at microgravity.

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