care for color-treated hair

How to care for color-treated hair

Gray coverage shouldnt be the only reason as to why you would want to color your hair. Perhaps you’d like to give your hair a recharge or get a whole new look. Maybe you’d like a bright new shade to match your skin tone or you’d like to add some highlights to update your underwhelming strands. From pastel balayage to funky streaks, there are dozens of ways you can style your hair using hair dye to change your looks and appearance.

Colored hair is usually considered to be delicate and more prone to damage. Hence, if you color your hair once in a blue moon, you should be okay. However, some people need to visit the salon every few weeks to maintain their look. In that case your hair will require a special hair care routine in order to make your hair color last. 

A few essential care tips on how to care for color treated hair are: 

  1. Wash your freshly colored hair after 72 hours 

It is important to note that you must not wash your hair for a period of three days after coloring your hair as it could wash off the color faster. The chemical processes that take place during hair coloring leaves the hair cuticles open. This makes your hair more porous and sensitive to damage. Repeated washing of hair could result in the dye leaching and the color fading. Therefore, wash your color treated hair less frequently. 

  1. Use natural hair products 

The type of hair products you utilise plays a key factor in maintaining the color vibrancy of your hair. Be sure to opt for ayurvedic color protection products such as Amrutam Color Protection Combo containing Bhringraj Hair Therapy 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner along with Kuntal Care Hair Oil. These herbal based shampoos and conditioners or oils are developed using milder ingredients for better results on color treated hair. They aid in maintaining a balance in the natural pH as well as overall protection of your hair. Avoid concentrated hair products that contain harsh ingredients as that would strip the color, shine and moisture of your hair. 

  1. Limit exposure to high temperatures and damp air 

Refrain from long and hot showers as hot water can cause damage to color treated hair. Curling irons, hair straighteners and blow dryers too ought to be avoided whenever possible. Hair cuticles begin to open up when disturbed by heat thus causing the color dye to fade out easily. Damp air too contributes towards fading of hair color. Protect your hair with ayurvedic or herbal based anti-humidity serums, thermal protectant hair serums/sprays and so on. 

  1. Stick to a healthy diet

The food you consume does have an impact on the health and look of your hair. The nutrients procured from a healthy diet fuels your hair with growth, shine and lustre. Protein and iron rich foods help in strengthening your hair, boosting its growth and improves its texture. Egg whites, spinach, lean meat, fish, soy, and low fat cheese keep your color-dyed hair looking its best. Nuts, fruits, vegetables and grains also aid in beautifying your hair.

  1. Make use of products that offer UV Protection 

The sun’s rays contribute towards fading hair color. Thus, refrain from prolonged exposure towards the sun. On bright days, ensure that you protect your color-treated hair with the help of products that contain UV protectors or SPF. Opting for ayurvedic or herbal based hair products is the best bet. Such products contain a combination of multiple vitamins that aid in restoring hair color and avoiding future damage. Wearing a hat provides extra protection too. 

  1. Skip your swim – 

Just like your hair needs protection from the sun, it needs the same for other harsh elements, too. Try to avoid swimming in pools as they contain chlorine and other harsh chemicals. If you can’t avoid it, wear a water-proof swimming cap. Secondly, ocean water, too, can strip the color from your hair. It’s a good idea to wear a swimming cap here or to oil your hair before swimming as it offers some protection to the hair. 

  1. Avoid leave-in conditioners

Leave-in conditioners are a luxury on the weekend, aren’t they? In fact, most hair stylists recommend using them often, especially if you have dry, frizzy hair. However when it comes to color treated hair, these masks and conditioners can fade your luscious shade of red or brown. That’s because a leave-in conditioner is designed to get deep into your hair follicles and moisturize from within. But once you rinse it out, the hair product can take your colour down the drain with it. So avoid this by using a regular hair conditioner or a herbal oil for conditioning your hair. 

Whether you’ve got platinum blonde, caramel brown, red, black, blue or even pink hair; it requires special treatment. Color-treated hair requires a little bit of extra attention if you wish for the color to last longer. Nothing hurts more than spending a lot of money at a beauty parlour for the latest trending hair color and then having it fade within a short period of time. 

Color treated hair calls for extra effort and care. Now that you’re aware of the various tips and tricks to maintaining healthy hair, affirm sticking on to a good hair care routine so that you can achieve those dreamy hair goals.

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