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How to Create an App from Scratch in 9 Steps?

If we talk about Startups, they are the one who successfully converted their ideas to some accessible software or hardware. So, if one has an amazing idea and wants to develop an app from scratch then he would have to follow certain basic steps. Also, there are several IT companies like iPhone app development company, which is considered as one of the best firms to suggest upon the steps to create an app. Many organizations hire a developer specifically for creating the app. So, let’s learn now how to actually create an App from scratch.


Creating an App from scratch is not an easy task and one has to consider several factors before proceeding for it. So below we are discussing the step-by-step procedure to develop app without any app-maker software,

1) Sketch the Idea of your app

Whatever idea comes to your mind just jot it down on the paper, be it a small idea or big idea, or clever and sharp app ideas. Any idea cannot be completely new, it may be either of one from below:

  1. Combine the concepts of your favorite apps and mix them together to create something new.
  2. Ideas invented as the solution to the problem you are facing on a regular basis.
  3. The better version of the existing app with additional functionalities and features.

The idea helps you to discover the ultimate objective of developing the whole app. The objective makes it clear what purpose it would serve. And this purpose only defines the baseline of developing an app. When one thinks of an App then they want it to be simple and lean. So, for this one have two categories the ‘Must Have’ features and ‘Good to have’ features. The priority should be given to ‘Must Have’ Features as it will be called as MVP which means the Minimum Viable Product. And it is the simplest version of your final app.

Also, more emphasis should be given on perfect execution of the app rather than spending too much time on searching for completely new and unique ideas. Also, one should note down the expected results from the app, this would give a clear idea on what is the concept, how is it going to be helpful to the creator as well as the user, how will solve a certain problem, or what are the improvement areas in the existing app.

2) Conduct market research regarding competitors

Doing market research can actually prevent someone from making mistakes. The research gives an idea that if the idea he is thinking of is really unique or if we have someone already into that app then how efficiently are they doing it and if they are satisfied or not with their services.

Google trends and Keyword planner helps you recognize if the idea or functions you are planning, is it really being searched by people and if people are really looking for it then if they are getting the apt answers or not. So, during research one can select for the below details like- Name of the app, services they are offering, what are the rates and discount bracket, when was it last updated, name of the publisher, reviews, and ratings, also how many times has it been downloaded.

To develop a successful app, it is very important to get into the customer shoes and for that one need to conduct the primary research which will answer the questions like who this app for is, are the target consumers even looking for it, will your app be able to solve their problem or what change it will make and many more such questions. These answers will be good feedback before developing an app.

3) Finalize the features and functionalities for your app

This is a step which involves your imagination and creativity. Here you have to note down the features and functionalities that your application will actually offer. So, consider the results of the market research you conducted and write down all the necessary features which should be there to get the expected end-results. For getting the actual picture one has to realize the idea by themselves and then breathe into it so that they can figure out the real-time and actual response for the app.

Here one does not need to decide upon the UI or number of screens or tabs in the app but just that what the end-user will accomplish by using this app. First list down all the possible features which you are looking for, then out of total, divide them in two categories: Core functionalities and secondary functionalities. Cores are the primary one which needs to be there when the app is launched while the secondary one can be added with updates.

This would also help to focus on the things which are on priority and are more valuable.

4) Develop Graphic Design for your App

Finally at this stage the project will start taking its shape as here one has to decide upon the look and feel of the app, how it would be visible to the end-users. This will happen by graphically designing your application. The design will include the pixel perfect details, assets of image, graphic effects, motion designs, animations etc. Now there are usually two ways to do this:

a)Hire a professional graphic designer, pay them good amount and get it done

b)Do it yourself using the available apps for graphic designing.

The UI/UX of the app will be deeply impacted by the work done at this stage. But creating graphic designs actually offers the below detail to the developer or owner of the app:

a)Give you a tentative idea of how final product will look alike

b)These designs can be used while giving presentations to the potential buyers or investors of the app

c)Developers will get a chance to integrate the graphic assets into the project.

5) Decide upon the platform and coding language for the App

Now, once the wireframing is done for the app, it’s time to decide upon the platform and coding language which will be the base of any app. So, here one needs to be very clear regarding their requirements, the target users, and the amount that can be invested in it. Now there are different platforms like Native App development, Frameworks for making the hybrid apps like PhoneGap, Framework 7, React Native App. The developers can also consider some extra features or add-on features which they are looking for. Also there is an option for drag and drop mobile app builder for a really constrained budget. Also, decide upon if the landing page is required for your app or not. So, many things will get clear at this stage regarding the back-end work of the applications.

Now, selecting the right programming language is also an important point if one wants to go ahead with Java, Kotlin, C ++. Xcode IDE is required for the iOS apps.

6) Build and Launch the App in the App store

Now, finally build a quality application considering all the above requirements and guidelines and then publish your app in the respective App store. The developers need to make sure that the developed app is qualified against all the guidelines, then fill in your app metadata, and then upload the app from Xcode. Then go back to the App store and wait for review, wait for their response, once it is approved you will get a confirmation.

And once the app is published in the app store, the real work starts like one needs to keep on upgrading the features and functionalities time to time to give the best to the end-users. Also, the customers will start reviewing your app and share their feedback. So, the reviews and feedback which are feasible needs to be implemented on time in the app which will build a trust relationship with their end-users.

7) Promote your App

There are millions of apps in the App store but if you want to highlight the USP of your app and want it to stand out of all of them, then you need to conduct a regular marketing campaign. Now, the marketing activities usually are conducted before launch and even after launch. This helps to create a space in the customer’s mind, they become aware of the app and once they know about it then only, they will try it by downloading the app. Press Release, Emailers, Paid Marketing campaigns, Hustle marketing are some of the marketing gimmicks followed by the developers or the owners of the mobile application.


The above points give you a wide idea about how the applications are developed from the beginning. But one has to be very clear that any kind of creative work cannot be done by following the steps one by one. You can have an idea about what all the steps are, but you need not to follow it as it is, just fulfill all the steps timely to ensure your app is as per the requirement. And be happy with the fact that you will be making a positive impact on your users through your app.

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