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How to fight Digestive problems with Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is based on harmonizing the doshas ie. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Every person has all three dosha but one dosha dominates in the body making the body’s nature to reflect the characteristics of that specific Dosha. Striking a balance among these three Dosha in the body leads to maintaining good health. The dominant dosha’s characteristics form the health related vulnerabilities in the person. All three Doshas together regulate the various body functions. Let’s take a quick look at the Doshas

Vata- This Dosha or energy form is generally associated with Air, space and movement

Pitta- This Dosha or energy form is associated with water, metabolism  and fire.

Kapha- This Dosha pr energy form is related to earth and structure of your body.

According to ayurveda constipation and gas arise due to the Vata dosha’s imbalance which finds it’s centre at the colon.

Constipation is seen as the collection of the cold and dried excess, digested & undigested elements which are countered by having warmth, soothness and hydration, that is why a glass lukewarm water with lemon drops and honey is recommended first thing in the morning also soothing herbal teas are favoured.

Gut health is related to overall health, around 70 % of your immune system lies in your gut, this fact alone can make people not dare take their digestion issues lightly. According to one of the latest studies, around 23% of Indians face constipation issues and gas is like the most common issue with us. Over the counter drugs or laxatives tackle the problem but only for the day, this makes the issue of constipation chronic. Constant constipation and gas lead to deterioration of the digestive health which simply means downfall of the overall health .

So what are the reasons that lead to constipation-

1. Lack of Hydration- The human body is 70% water and we need water for every fundamental process and digestion is no different. Drinking less water makes the whole stoll dry and tight which leads to constipation.

2. Stress induced constipation- Ever imagined why your stomach feels so uneasy right before exams, yes that is right. Stress is directly related to digestion. Continuous stress in life takes a toll on your digestive health.

3. Low fibre diet- Roughage in your diet is super essential, freshly prepared salads fibre from the wheat flour, raw veggies and fresh fruits can do wonders to your digestive system.

4. Passive lifestyle- If you are a couch potato and lead a passive life then it is surely difficult for your body to manage on it’s own, no physical activity and just food will make you prtey of constipation.

5. Answer nature’s call- There are many people who resist the urge to pass the stool at the right time,consequently the body accumulates the digested food in excess making it painful and difficult to pass the stool when the person finally decides to do the same.

6. Sudden changes in the routine- An early flight or train can change your ‘ pass the stool’ routine really easily. The daily is set in your brain, changes in the same often result in poor digestion and constipation.

7. Pregnancy- This phase of life can be super difficult for a woman, not only it comes with great discomfort but several digestion related issues, growing uterus inside the belly compresses every other organ for more space which results in poor intestinal contractions leading to constipation and constant urge to pee.

8. Medications-Modern medicine drugs tend to interfere in the metabolic cycle of the body, antibiotics or medicines which are given in extreme health conditions often affect digestion causing constipation.

9. Underlying Diseases- Problems like Diverticulosis and Irritable bowel Syndrome can lead to constipation.

6 Tips to get rid of the constipation & gas the natural way-

1.  Drink loads of water- hydration is super necessary for keeping the physiological process of digestion on track. Lukewarm water in the morning can help you fix your routine, leading to great gut health.

2. Dietary balance for constipation and gas problems- Consume salads and fresh fruits as they provide fibre that helps the process of digestion, similarly fresh and warm meals will always be the best way to eat. Consumption of organic oil like Ghee and mustard seed oil should be favoured over refined oils.

3.Say no to alcohol and drugs- Any form of intoxication affects the process of digestion, smoking, drinking, weed consumption or even excess of caffeine should be avoided.

4. Yoga, Meditation and Exercises- Physical activity not only keeps the physiological functions active but also helps with keeping the stress away.

5. Eat at regular intervals and sleep tight- Junk food gives us this constant urge to overeat, make sure that you consume none of it, keeps your meals fresh at regular intervals avoiding late night snacking or dinner, have your dinner before 7:00 in the evening and sleep for at least 8 hours a day.

6. Black Himalayan Salt- The alkaline nature of salt helps to balance out the excess acid in the stomach, it alleviates gas trapped in the intestine and is highly effective for constipation.

It acts as a complete natural,ayurvedic digestion booster. Add crushed ginger with lime juice with it, consume it every morning to see the magic.

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