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How to Resolve Outlook Not Working on Windows 10 – A Step by Step Guide

Outlook is widely used by both business and individual users around the world. However, this popular email program may cause your PC or laptop to stop working as it should, due to various problems. Although Microsoft has introduced several updates to ensure that Outlook works properly, these updates have not always been effective. This means that although you receive a variety of messages in Outlook, they may not all be delivered correctly. This can include emails from Outlook Express, Outlook Web Services (Ews) and other external sources. But even if your computer did receive an Outlook message, if it fails to open Outlook itself, then the message will be lost forever, leaving you disappointed and without an Outlook account. In this article, We discuss the best ways to resolve the Outlook not Working on Windows 10 Issues.

Resolve Outlook Not Working on Windows 10

Fortunately, this is an easy one to fix, since it’s likely caused by a virus or spyware. The first step to how to resolve Outlook not working on Windows 10 is to remove any virus or spyware from your PC. To do this, you need to download a reliable anti-virus application from the Internet. You can either use an application that is free to download, or an upgraded version which will be purchased.

Once you have downloaded and installed an anti-virus tool, you should then scan your computer for any infections. To do this, open the tool, and click “scan” button. You might want to select the scanning option in order to eliminate viruses from your PC before you try to open Outlook. To do this, click “scan” again, and then choose ” disinfect.”

After the anti-virus has scanned your computer, you should then look to see if there are any errors on your PC. To do this, hold onto the Control Panel button on your keyboard, and then press “Control” + ” Outlook Not Working on Windows 10?” You will then be given a list of errors that your computer may be experiencing. Click on the errors that you have in this list, and then choose “remove.”

Once you have removed all the errors on your PC, you will then need to be able to understand what is causing Outlook not to work. This problem is caused by the fact that Microsoft has not designed the email application to allow you to send large attachments. To do this, you need to download the Microsoft Word application from the Internet, and then open up this program. You then need to select the “forward” and “attach” menus, and then press “enter” a number times to send the email that you want to send. An Outlook message will appear asking you whether you want to attach the Word document that you are sending as an attachment.

Bottom Line

To resolve the Outlook not opening on Windows 10 issue, you then need to close down all unnecessary programs that are running, and then restart your computer. After this has been done, you should be able to see an Outlook window appear, and the message ” Emails not responding?” should be displayed in blue text on the screen. If the message ” Outlook not responding?” appears, then you need to repair the various problems that are causing Outlook not to run correctly.

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