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Importance of Reading Newspaper Everyday for UPSC Exam and Ways to Read It!

The first thing UPSC coaching needs is current affairs. So it becomes necessary to be in touch with the news daily. It does not matter how and where we survive; each information has something that connects with our life. The story has some connection revolving around us. It is necessary to know what is going on worldwide, either local, regional or national, or global level.

In the morning usually, the foremost thing to do is search for the newspaper. We are excited to read what the headline brings in today. Whether it’s happy or sad news, scary or funny, whatever it is, we want to know. The excitement to talk to your parents, family, colleagues, or friends to discuss the news is what we look forward to each day.

So as the heading says, why is newspaper reading so crucial for IAS aspirants? As the UPSC exams are approaching, aspirants are preparing to top the civil services examination. The UPSC coaching in Nagpur says that NCERT Books are a must without a doubt to crack the UPSC examinations. But everyone should make it a habit of reading newspapers daily. Not a single day should pass without reading the newspapers. This is a success mantra towards becoming an IAS officer in the first go states the UPSC coaching in Nagpur.

Why Is Reading Newspaper Daily So Important For UPSC Preparation?

Regularly reading newspapers is a good habit for one and all. But when it comes to IAS aspirants, then it is compulsory activity to do every day. No amount of UPSC coaching will help unless and until aspirants go through the newspaper daily every day. As per the sources, 50% of the UPSC paper 1 contains questions of current affairs. The only way to get through this is by reading the newspapers daily to keep track of daily events. The UPSC coaching in Nagpur tells aspirants must make a habit of reading newspapers daily. They must essentially take time out to follow this routine religiously.

With changing times, the pattern of the material for studying has also changed. These days, the books available for references put up a summary from the newspaper to make it easy for the students to gain the knowledge they were supposed to read the newspapers. But experts from the UPSC coaching institutes suggest that the ancient method of reading news directly from the newspaper itself is still the best way to prepare for civil services exams.

Below listed are some excellent old reasons why reading the news directly from the newspaper is still the best way to get through UPSC exams:

• No one better than you know what is precisely to be studied as per the syllabus and what all things are needed to memorize.

• If you are a newbie to reading, the best way to develop reading skills is to read newspapers. Also, reading newspapers will help you get through paper 1 and paper 2 to solve the unseen passages.

• It has been observed that UPSC question paper usually takes passages from newspapers like The New York Times, The Hindu, and AI Jazeera, and some more. If the aspirants have a habit of going through these newspapers, it will be easy for them to understand the English language of these passages in a much easier way.

• Reading daily will benefit you. If you read daily, you will surely make notes and attempt to remember quotes that will help while writing essays, answering, and recognizing current affairs.

The Way How You Should Read Newspaper For UPSC Civil Services Examination:

• The UPSC coaching in Nagpur says that the foremost thing before reading the newspaper is knowing which all newspapers are to be studied. The UPSC coaching institutes recommend different newspapers and reference material to study. However, the candidates find it difficult to understand the language of the newspaper due to a lack of reading habits.

• However, no one can develop overnight the habit of reading newspapers overnight. It takes time to develop gradually. It is not possible to understand the language of The Hindu in the first attempt. You need to go through every article twice or thrice nicely to understand the concept properly.

• Experts from the UPSC coaching in Nagpur say that initially, the aspirants need to read the newspaper casually. They must avoid reading too much political news unless and until the information has some substance or is concrete. Aspirants must initially go through topics that may be related to their subject.

• For instance, if any news is related to some architectural concept or finding, the aspirant must jot down points like how that defines circumstance, where the place, what is related to, and who like it concerns who all. The aim is to understand and remember the provisions if a bill is passed and not worry about a statement still in the making.

• If UPSC coaching institutes are to be believed, the experts say that reading newspapers all day is of no help. Maximum two to three hours a day, and that too should be brought down to one hour each day in the morning.

• The above statement does not mean that aspirants should read n the morning only; they must read when they feel that’s the best time to give their maximum output.

• The very last thing to remember is that you need to follow one newspaper a day. No need to rush after other materials for essays, articles, or other editorial things. They are duplicate content copies of what you are reading. The UPSC coaching in Nagpur guides appropriately how you should read newspapers daily for the Civil Services Exams.

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