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Introducing Rolex’s BIG Surprise: The NEW ‘Air-King’ 2022

Did it ever make you wonder why Rolex enjoys such a great deal of attention in the watch industry? Apart from the watch design, rich history and excellent craftsmanship, there is another thing that literally puts the crown on Rolex’s head. It is its attention to what customers want! Since its inception, the luxury watch brand has always considered the buyer’s demand to curate designs that please aesthetically and functionally. These reasons contribute to its high demand in the watch fraternity, for which you can easily sell Rolex at a higher value.

2022 marked a great year for the brand, and collectors and buyers were awaiting the new releases. After a brief wait, Rolex is out with its new collection. The brand has breathed life into one of its most understated models: the Air-King!

The new 2022 Rolex Air-King Ref. 126900 drifts away from the traditional design and combines various standout features to make a grand entry into the Rolex highway. The watch flaunts a sportier watch case and comes equipped with various other upgrades that ensure the Air-King will embrace a broader appeal than its siblings.  

6 Important Updates to Find In the NEW Rolex Air-King

1. Case Design

One of the first things you can notice in the new Rolex’s Air-King is the upgraded case design. Rolex has tried and given the timepiece a more athletic outlook while still keeping the case measure as 40mm. The revised Oystersteel case flaunts broader lugs and finely polished vertical case sides, making the watch appear well-built.

2. Crown Guards

To everyone’s surprise, the New Air-King comes with crown guards! The guards protect the crown from the various bumps and offer a sportier and resilient character. While these changes might seem small, for Rolex, it is quite a BIG deal.

3. Proper Pilot’s Watch

Crown guards are perfectly in sync with the smooth non-functional bezel. This amazing combination doesn’t exist in Rolex’s other timepieces, making the new Air-King model even more appealing. The crown guards lend an enhanced character that makes the watch stand apart in the history of Rolex.

4. Revisited Dial

If you love Rolex, you perhaps already know that dial plays a major role in deciding the popularity of a particular Rolex collection. The dial of the new Air-King model features subtle yet significant updates. It is still black with the texts and logo in green and yellow. However, the applied numerals have a coat of luminous Chromalight material. Another important rectification that fans will surely love is the numeral 5 that has now become 05. The latest addition (0) presents a more balanced outlook to the dial interiors.

5. Movement

Housing the latest automatic movement type, the Rolex Air-King Ref. 126900 runs with the movement 3230, seen in Rolex’s most current models. This particular movement type first came out in 2020 and featured the brand’s Chronergy escapement and a power reserve of 70 hours.

6. Upgraded Bracelet

Rolex upgraded the bracelet in the latest Air-King model with widespread centre links and an Oysterlock safety clasp. This helps to keep up with the other revised design. The up-gradation syncs well with the other changes that cumulatively present a fine and polished look to the Air-King Ref. 126900.


The new Rolex Air-King Ref. 126900 is a complete distinction in the Rolex catalogue, which will surely make for a worthy purchase in terms of investment. With such an exclusive design and highly functional specifications, the Rolex Air-King will soar up in value in the future. Therefore, investing in such a bold timepiece will only fetch a lucrative value when you sell your Rolex.

The Air-King now looks and feels like proper Sports watch that one can own without making a hole in the pocket.

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