Lexus LX

Lexus LX – All about the 450d

The LX is the brand’s flagship SUV offering. It is based on the Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 but the Lexus equivalent brings more luxury and equipment with it. Plus, it costs ₹ 2.32 crore (ex-showroom, Delhi). The LX450d was the third product to have been introduced in the market and the SUV comes only with a V8 diesel engine.

A Land Cruiser?

The moment you set eyes on the Lexus LX, it leaves you a little confused, whether to like it or not. We aren’t denying that it has terrific road presence and  dimensions. The Lexus LX gets a high-set bonnet, massive wheels and the massive signature spindle grille is in-your-face, something we’re not sure everyone is going to like. The LED headlights look sleek along with the DRLs and LED fog with cornering lights. The side profile is very similar to that of the Toyota LC200; it looks like something used by a politician.

A question of space

Stepping inside the Lexus LX isn’t difficult, thanks to the feature that lets you lower the SUV for easy access. Lexus Cars have reworked the entire cabin, giving it a premium look. There’s lots of leather and wood around and the instrument cluster looks nice, while the analogue clock is positioned in the middle of the dashboard. The quality is great for the most part, barring a few bits here and there. There are multiple buttons and knobs on the gear console. The manual adjustment for the sunroof’s sunshade is shocking, given this car’s price. The seats in the front are wide, comfortable and feature ventilation. You sit high-up with a good view out-front. The ORVMs are massive and you get four cameras that come with a 360-degree view. Instead of a touch-controlled infotainment screen, you get a joy pad and buttons to toggle through the options. Comfort at the back isn’t particularly impressive, but the seat is wide enough to have three abreast. But the seat is placed low and that means occupants will be seated with their knees up. Under-thigh support isn’t great, neither is legroom. What rear passengers do get though are a pair of 11.6-inch screens, ventilated seats and four-zone climate control. Thank fully, the huge glass area lets in lots of light and the split boot makes space for lots of luggage room. The spare wheel is placed under the body.

A diesel V8?

The LS is powered by a 4.5-litre, V8 diesel engine producing 261bhp and 740Nm of torque, paired to 6-speed automatic gearbox, but the weight tends to dampen performance a fair bit. Put your foot down and the engine pauses for a while and then slowly begins picking up pace. The transmission can get confused during part-throttle responses and the engine is quite vocal, but because of the sound deadening, you don’t hear much inside the SUV. The LS rides remarkably well over bad roads and absorbs almost anything with ease. However, body movements are evident and the adaptive variable suspension can be adjusted as per the driving modes: Normal, Eco, Comfort, Sport S and Sport S+. These modes bring about a change in throttle and steering responses. Body roll cannot be ignored and the SUV dives under hard braking, but find a highway, and this thing feels as solid as a tank. We’re sure it has what it takes to go off the road, but we’re also sure most owners won’t do that.

Flagship choice?

This is an SUV that can take you anywhere without breaking into a sweat. It’s luxurious, reasonably comfortable and feels solid, and with its Japanese reliability, it’s sure to last at least half a lifetime with its owners, if they decide on keeping that long, that is. The only turn-off is its price tag, and while you do get a lot for the money, we think it’s nothing more than a premium version of the Toyota LC200. But we know there are a few buyers who understand the Lexus Cars range better than anyone else, and that’s the customer the LX450d targets.

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