Local SEO services

Local SEO services. What is it, and why is it important?

Local SEO services

Affordable Local SEO services (Search Engine Optimization for the local area) focuses on positioning multiple physical stores in search engines (Google) in front of the closest customers. This technique uses search engine tools such as maps and geolocation to do this. 

If you want to know more about local SEO services and why it is targeted by big brands, franchises, and retail companies, then you should read until the end. 

In the following video, we explain what local SEO services are: 

What are local SEO services?

It is understood that local SEO services are a positioning strategy in Google Search and Google Maps, aimed especially at businesses or individuals in physical locations or that offer their services in an area of ​​influence and need to be visible to potential customers located near them. 

The objective of this positioning is that whenever a user near your stores searches for products or services in a specific geographical location, they can find your branches before those of the competition. 

To achieve this, local SEO services develop actions that allow the Google algorithm to choose and display your branches, considering them relevant. 

Why is local SEO services important?

Things like using cell phones to search for products and services and the high probability that a user visits or calls your store after Google throws it into the first results reveal the importance of applying local SEO services. 

When you manage to position your branches in Google, your income is impacted exponentially, which is fully verifiable.

To this is added that local SEO services and positioning with Google Business Profile has not yet been explored and taken advantage of by different brands and companies. Starting to do it with your business will lead you to gain a competitive advantage locally. 

Advantages it offers your business if you have multiple locations.

Managing the Google profile for different branches or locations and positioning them will lead you to compete locally with other stores that, in this case, have the same opportunities as your company just because they are located in the same area and have a good online presence. 

Therefore, this will help you generate specific local marketing actions that will increase revenue both at the branch and global levels of the company. In turn, you get advantages in brand positioning and reputation, with all the reach Google has for global marketing. 

What businesses benefit from Local SEO services?

As we mentioned, local SEO services especially favors the physical stores of companies from different sectors. One of the most benefited sectors is retail, which focuses on marketing products directly to the consumer at the point of sale. 

However, local SEO services also covers other sectors such as restaurant services, hotels and other more traditional ones such as banking, real estate and health. 

Likewise, this positioning technique is widely used in companies that have many branches (more than 50) or franchises. These need to strategically manage their records in Google Business Profile, to make all their branches visible easily and effectively. 

How to do Local SEO services?

To do local SEO services, you must first consider what the search engine algorithm takes into account when qualifying your branches as relevant. To do this, the first thing is to have a Google Business Profile for each branch. After that, you have to work on the following:

  • Complete profile with correct and updated data. 
  • Consistent reviews and responses to these from stores. 
  • Publications with valuable information, photos and videos in each profile. 

In addition to these basic requirements, actions must be executed to gain relevance against the algorithm. Some of them like: 

  • Use of keywords (Keywords) for branch and product/service publications. 
  • Integration of keywords in content or publications. 
  • Use of images and videos with metadata. 
  • Incorporation of CTA (Call to Action) and URLs.
  • Follow-up and segmentation of reviews. 
  • Personalized and contextualized responses to reviews. 

How do Local SEO services for multiple locations?

Of course, it is not the same to position a branch in Google than 100 since. There are knowledge and techniques to apply that require time and experience. Additionally, tools are needed that allow you to demonstrate the results with the positioning actions and analyze key insights for your company. 

Then you will ask yourself, how to do local SEO services if I have many branches? The answer is that you can acquire the tools and knowledge (or the expert equipment) or keep it simple with Professional SEO Agency. We are experts in Google positioning, and this is what we can do:

  • Analyze the behavior of your localized target audience. 
  • Create and optimize localized ads in Google Ads. 
  • Manage your publications in Google Business Profile. 
  • Respond to your customer reviews centrally for all branches. 
  • Classify the positioning of your stores by keywords. 
  • Develop reports of results of organic and paid publications by location or at the level of all branches. 
  • Send push notifications for communication between managers of the different branches. 
  • Ad performance and suggestions to increase traffic and conversion in stores. 
  • Scheduling automatic postings for selected branches. 
  • Creation of publication templates for customization and differentiated use in each branch. 

There is a world of possibilities for your business with local SEO services that you should not miss. Taking the plunge and getting ahead of your competition is easy with Maven SEO Agency. 


Affordable Local SEO services are aimed at improving the positioning of physical stores in search engines like Google. 

This is important because it makes you visible to your local audience, increasing sales opportunities, especially when you have multiple branches. 

Companies from many sectors with face-to-face service or sales in multiple branches benefit from local SEO services. 

To do local SEO services. You must have a Google Business profile for each branch and apply positioning techniques that use keywords, valuable publications, updated information, and efficient review management. 

Doing local SEO services for multiple branches is a challenge that requires time, knowledge, analytics and automation tools. You can have everything as your purchase or hire the comprehensive service with an SEO consultant agency. 

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