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Modular kitchen: Top 5 Things to consider during installation

Are you planning to renovate or design your kitchen as a modular kitchen? Modular kitchens are in trend as they are appealing and offer an elegant & fashionable look to your cooking place. By installing a modular kitchen, you can keep your kitchen area cleaner and more organized.

However, there are some things that you need to consider during installing a modular kitchen. In this blog, we will discuss the significant aspects that you must consider while designing a modular kitchen.

Consider Space

Your modular kitchen design will depend on the available space in your cooking area. For example, if you have a small kitchen, you should consider installing a straight or parallel kitchen design or many other types of modular kitchen. Also, if in a small kitchen you try to install more appliances, it can appear congested which would diminish the look of your kitchen.  


It becomes highly significant to consider that the electrical and plumbing points should be at the perfect place to design an efficiently functional modular kitchen. It becomes more important if you are living in an apartment. You should be highly concerned about installing the perfect lighting for your kitchen to enhance your cooking experience. For this, we recommend that you should go for layered lighting.

Focus on Storage Requirements

Do you know, planning to install affordable kitchen cabinets is the key to success while designing your modular kitchen? With the proper planning about how many kitchen cabinets will be required for you to ensure enough space for storing things.

There is no uniform idea for deciding your storage requirements. The storage capacity of the kitchen will depend on the utilization of the available space. For instance, if you are an elderly person, you should consider installing more drawers and pull-outs as compared to up-cabinets to ensure your comfort.

Modern Countertop

Before everything else, pay attention to your kitchen countertop because it affects the durability of the kitchen. Depending on the sort of cooking done in your kitchen, you should choose a countertop made of marble, granite, or engineered stone.

Proper Ventilation

As a safety precaution, appropriate ventilation is require in every kitchen. The kitchen area needs to have properly installed windows. You can incorporate chimneys into your modular kitchen to aid in the removal of gases and smoke produced during cooking. To help you get rid of the pollutants, you might install an exhaust fan in the kitchen. Proper ventilation should also be ensured to avoid the situation of a smelly kitchen.

Final Words

By concluding our discussion, irrespective of the modular kitchen design you choose, you should consider the above-mentioned things. For designing your modular kitchen with efficient functionalities, you can hire ALMA Designs who are the best kitchen interior designer in Chandigarh.

Their modular kitchen design services are the best in the market and are very reasonably priced. Alma Designs has team of experienced interior designers are well-aware of the latest market trends and technological advancements and will provide you with an efficient modular kitchens design.

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