Birthday Gifts for Friend

Find the Perfect Personalized Gift for Your Best Friend

Your best friend has been around through all the ups and downs in your life. They have been your therapist in the bad times and a personal cheerleader in the good times.  They have provided you with warmth, comfort and made sure you had unconditional support. So, it is time to make them feel a little special. There are many ways to ensure that their birthday is special. Showering them with love, warmth and gifts is one way.

What if your best friend lives in Bangalore while you live in Delhi? With an abundance of options on the internet, it is now easier to send gifts to Bangalore. They have done a lot for you so now it is time to appreciate and pamper them. There are hundreds of things to take care of from planning a party to selecting a gift. One thing that you can check out from that list of yours is selecting a gift. You can plan a party and send Personalized gift to Bangalore while sitting comfortably at your home. Your best friend should be appreciated and showered with love and gifts on their birthday. So why don’t we ensure that they have the best birthday? Finding a birthday gift for your best friend can be a tough job. You get confused with so many options.

 Can’t decide what to get your best friend for their birthday? Popular sites like OyeGifts can help you get ideas on how to make their birthday special this time.

Here are 10 quirky and personalized gift for your best friend’s birthday:

A photo frame

A photo frame is a way to preserve a cherished memory with your best friend and make them miss you. It is a great way to show your best friend how much you care about them. You can pair your photo frame with other gifts like chocolates or some flowers. A photo frame shows the thought and effort that you have put into this gift.

A mug

A mug is an applicable Personalized gifts that can be unique as well. After a long day when your best friend comes home to drink a cup of coffee, they’ll be reminded of you. A mug can be customised with your favourite memories or a quote.

Bonsai Plants

It is an unusual gift for your best friend but can be personalised according to your requirements. If your best friend is a nature lover this could be a perfect gift. Bonsai plants can bring warmth and positivity to your best friend. Bonsai plants can be a great way to decorate your home with.  There are many other choices available besides Bonsai plants like a bamboo plant or a lily plant.

Chocolates and flowers

Chocolates and flowers may seem like a generalised and traditional gift but can be customised in many ways. You could pair it up with any gift and it would look great. It would bring instant happiness to their face when you gift their favourite chocolates and flowers. It would also show that you remembered small details about them. A chocolate bouquet could be a unique and quirky gift for your best friend.

A Cake

A cake is a custom on every birthday. But to make this a unique present you can get it customised with photos. You can surprise your best friend by decorating their room with some flowers, lights and a cake. They’ll feel appreciated and loved by the gesture.

A watch

Watches can be a useful gift that could be customised according to your preferences. You could customise a quote on the back of the watch. A watch can as a great reminder for your best friend to pick up the phone and call you whenever they look at it.

Spa Hamper

Our skin should be treated the way we treat our loved ones, with love and care. This birthday, remind your best friend that their skin needs some love and care by gifting them a spa hamper that includes some face masks, soothing candles, manicure essentials and fragrant soaps.

A Cushion

A simple Personalized gift like a cushion is a practical and quirky gift. It can be personalised by using photos or quotes on the cushion. It would be a great addition to their room. When your best friend is away from you, the cushion would make them miss you.

A cube lit tabletop

Bring some light into their life by gifting your best friend a cube lit tabletop. This small table lamp can also be customised by adding a quote or some photos to it. The table lamp could be a great decorative piece for their room and would show the thought you put into this gift.

A perfume


Gifting a perfume can be an emotional and affectionate gift. The selection of the perfect fragrance might be difficult for others but as you know everything about your best friend it would be easy for you. There is an abundance of perfumes available that you could choose from.

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