Picuki Instagram viewer and editor

Picuki, its function, the advantage over the ways to view the Instagram profile, and Picuki Instagram Editor

Instagram is a growing platform to share short reels, videos, and photos with acquaintances. Picuki is one such app through which you can visit any Instagram profile and its stories, reels, hashtags, locations, etc., in the presence or absence of your Instagram account. You can also use other websites, like invewer.com, if Picuki doesn’t work for you. 

What exactly does Picuki mean?

Picuki, an online application, allows the user to download photos of your or anyone’s Instagram account without logging in. You can employ this app without any personal Instagram id. Just copy the Instagram ID link you wish to get the data and quickly get the images in your download folder.

Picuki comes with extraordinary features through which one can modify the pictures applying the filter, altering the contrast, crop them, saturation, and even more. It is famous as Pocuki that excels in editing Instagram images. The site is not much appreciated regarding trust, but still, it doesn’t come under the ban list. You can easily view any Instagram page without signing up for your account. 

What to do if Picuki fails?

Invewer.com is the right second option if Picuki fails whereas such news is too less!

Ways to employ Picuki

It is too simple to use. Just look for the pictures by hunting through the account or hashtags. 

Start with searching the account-

1) Go to Picuki and click there.

2) You will find the homepage.

3) Enter the second person’s Instagram username. 

4) All the accounts related to your search will appear, and select the one you are looking for!

5) You will get the images data of the account.

6) You will get some live examples on the site.

7) If you want to download any specific picture, go to it and press enter. 

8) If you wish to download it, go to it, press the download option, and get the image.

9) Thumbnail shrinking is possible without any issue. 

You can try searching through hashtags too,

1) go to the search box

2) Insert the hashtag you wish to search and press “enter.”Then click on to search icon.

3) Go to the tag option and tap it. You will get the hashtag that you are looking for!

4) Tap the hashtag that you want to search.

5) Hashtags search results appear after that.

How to edit images over Picuki?


1) It is different from other online applications regarding the modifying downloaded image feature, which is missing in almost all the apps. 

2) You can use the features of cropping, saturation, filters, contrast, exposure, and much more. Applying the needed effect, you can download the image easily. 

Ways to check Instagram stories through Picuki without Logging in – 

1) Put the Id link of the handle whose profile you want to check over Picuki

2) Go to the stories option on your profile.

3) Click on the story option on the extreme lower right.

4) Get hold of Instagram stories without logging in.

Picuki Instagram viewer and editor

You can browse endless stories, images, and videos over Instagram and edit them before downloading if you intend to! You can also get hold of the followers and the following list of the profile you are looking for! Search with the hashtag words, and you can see the posts and comments too! You can also share the post if you want. 


1) No need to log in to download different posts.

2) Can view even private accounts on Instagram.

3) Checking history is possible too of the profile you want.

4) your activities are never visible to the third party.

5) It is safe.

It is free and hence provides maximum satisfaction to the users. 

Ways to view entire Instagram profile through Picuki

You can use it without joining any social networking sites. You can view all Instagram content, including followers, profiles, stories, pictures, hashtags, etc. It is free and can be used without doing any registration. You can only use the editing option for pictures, and it is not available for Moment stories.  

Wrapping up

The purpose behind this fantastic online app is to have fun, and in no way is it to keep spying on anyone. Explore and download good content with Picuki!

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