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Places to Visit in Ladakh


The beauty of Ladakh can be described in words. Visiting Ladakh can be one of the great experiences as this place holds a bounty of natural beauty.

Ladakh can be visited at any time but the best time is summer. Ladakh is the perfect location for motorcycle enthusiasts and those who are seeking peace.


Markha valley got this name from the Markha river. Markha valley is situated in east Ladakh.

Markha valley is known for Buddhist monasteries and their remote villages. If you are looking to do a trek then Markha valley will offer the max elevation of 5260m trek. The trekking journey will start from Skiu passing through Markha- Zanskar-konhmaru-Shang sum to Hemis and depart from Leh. If you want to go camping then you can find a better place than Markha valley.

Markha valley has fascinating beauty. Colorful rocks, prayer flags, high passes, and authentic villages are the beauty of Markha valley.

The best time to visit Markha valley is between June and September. Markha valley has a moderate trek level. The Markha valley’s attraction is sheer canyon walls and alpine meadows. Blue Himalayan sheep and hares can be seen at this place.

How To reach-  Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport is the main airport. If you are planning to visit Ladakh by road then two highways NH1D and The Srinagar- Leh highway would be recommended. There are many transport facilities available to take you to the Markha valley trek starting point.

Best tIme to visit- Best Time to visit Markha valley in the summer months between June to October


There are some considerations trekkers should know such as if you are new to this trek there are changes of altitude sickness, many tourists get sick. Trekkers should bring sleeping bags. Trekkers should carry an extra pair of shoes.


Shanti stupa is situated in Chanspa on a hilltop in the north of J&K at the height of 4267 m. Shanti stupa was built by Japanese Buddhist Gyomyo Nakamura in 1991.

Shanti stupa is built in a two-level structure, the first level is a dharmachakra with two deer on each side with an image of lord buddha in the center in golden color. The second level represents the birth of Lord Budha and the death of Lord buddha along with vibrant images of meditating buddha.

Shanti stupa is one of the famous tourist places in Ladakh. During the full moon, Shanti stupa looks exceptionally beautiful. Shanti stupa offers a panoramic view of the surroundings and mountains. Shanti stupa has become a tourist attraction not only religiously significant but also due to the place it is situated, Leh Ladhak. People get attracted to Shanti stupa due to its unique architectural style. This is a perfect place for meditation. Shanti stupa also has a hall in its premises to meditate.

How To reach-Shanti stupa can be reached by car drive. Shanti stupa is located 5 km outside of Leh.

Best tIme to visit-  Summer months are preferred to visit to Shanti stupa. During the winters the weather remains pleasant.


Clothes and shoes are recommended to visit Shanti stupa because reaching the Shanti stupa requires a little bit of trekking.

Shanti stupa was built to meditate so it is recommended to maintain decorum while entering in stupa premises.

It is recommended to stay hydrated because you need to walk a large number of walks to reach the Shanti stupa


Zanskar valley is situated in the remote corner of Ladakh. Zanskar valley is one of the popular places among tourists.

Zanskar valley offers wind, open vistas, and blue water. Once you visit Zanskar valley you would fall in love with its beauty. There is so much to explore in the Zanskar valley. It offers ample adventure and thrill. Once you plan to go to Zanskar valley, this journey will pass through many other attractive places such as Suru Valley, Sani Monastery, Shafat glaciers, Doda river, Zanskar river, Shingo La, Pensi La, and many more.

Apart from the above-mentioned places, you may try the Chadar trek.

How To reach- Zanskar valley can be reached once you reach Srinagar. After Srinagar, you have to take Srinagar- Leh highway to reach Kargil. Once you reach Kargil you have to travel around 250km to Kargil- Padum Road

Best tIme to visit- The best time to visit the Zanskar valley is between June – September.

Recommendations-  Appropriate clothing and shoes are recommended to carry.

Medicines should be carried by travelers.

Sun Protection glasses are recommended at high altitudes.

Touches and emergency kits should be carried.


Ladakh is famous for its beauty and mountains which are a favorite among travelers. Ladakh remains on top of every traveler’s bucket list. Ladakh has a majestic and raw beauty. Ladha has many tourist attractions and also many things to enjoy by the travelers.

Apart from the above-discussed places, there is great scope for adventure sport and trekking. Such as white water river rafting.

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