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Simple Energy One: All you need to know

The Bangalore-based EV startup company recently commenced the deliveries of their first-ever made-in-India electric two-wheeler, the Simple Energy One. The company has started deliveries in Bangalore only, later followed by other states. In addition, there are no other upcoming products from the Simple Energy company, as of now. That said, you can head to the upcoming electric bikes section to access the curated list of anticipated electric two-wheelers in the country.

The Simple Energy One directly takes on the like of the Ather 450X, TVS iQube and Ola S1. So, let’s see what this homegrown premium electric two-wheeler has to offer. Let’s read on, then!

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As far as the specifications are concerned, the Simple Energy One offers a generous battery capacity of 5kWh. In addition to that, it has a unique dual battery setup- one makes it removable, while the other makes it unremovable. The removable battery’s weight is rated at 7 kg.

As far as the figures are concerned, this lithium-ion battery pack is tuned to churn out 4500W, alongside an impressive peak torque of 72 Nm. It has a permanent magnetic synchronous (PMS) motor and apart from that, this homegrown premium EV scooter has a top speed of 105 km/h. Considering the Simple Energy’s price, one can get a better range than its rivals, thanks to a generous battery pack of 5kWh.

The Bangalore-based startup claimed the range of this electric scooter to be 225 km. Please note that the real-world mileage/range figure can vary with the capacity of the battery pack(s), local traffic conditions, road conditions, and individuals’ riding styles.

This EV scooter can be had with a regular charger and an optional 750W fast charger, which comes with an additional cost. The former takes five hours to replenish the battery to 80%, while the latter takes less time. As per the company, the one-minute charge with a fast charger can give 1.5 km.

In addition, the engine output also varies with the ride mode. It has four modes: Eco, Ride, Dash, and Sonic. For instance, if you ride it in Eco mode, the engine output will come down from its original output, but if you ride it in Sonic mode (fast), the engine output will deliver peak performance.

Keeping the engine output aside, the Simple Energy bikes is built using the widely used and cost-effective tubular frame, which is known for its robustness. It also makes the two-wheeler light, which gives an edge towards handling, especially around the corners. It has a kerb weight of 110 kg.

Moreover, the Simple Energy One stands on telescopic forks at the front and monoshock suspension at the rear. Further down, the braking duties are taken care of by dual-disc brakes. The size of the front disc brake is rated at 200 mm, while the size of the rear disc brake is rated at 190mm. These disc brakes can be seen through 12-inch alloy wheels. This premium electric scooter has a standard tyre profile of 90/90 R12.

It is worth mentioning that homegrown automobiles are designed by keeping the conditions of Indian roads in mind. Having said that, the Simple Energy One shouldn’t let you lament the ride quality it has on offer. It should be safe to state that this premium electric scooter can sail through the undulations and bumps from potholes with ease.

For added safety, the Simple Energy One is equipped with a combined braking system (CBS). This feature is useful, especially during emergency brakings. It can prevent the two-wheeler from skidding or making a stoppie. Plus it can also give more traction when cornering at high speeds.

Check out the Energy One’s price here.


In terms of features, this indigenous premium electric two-wheeler has all the necessary new-age offerings. It won’t let the owner complain until and unless that owner is a hardcore feature-oriented buyer. The Ola S1 is, however, suited for those buyers.

It offers a fully digital touchscreen instrument cluster, which shows relevant readings, such as speed, RPM, range left, and the distance made. It also incorporates a low battery indicator, a digital clock, and a GPS navigation system. Further, it has a connected bike technology, which comprises geo-fencing, maintenance updates, range left, charge level, live location, last parked location, and so on. Last, but not least, it also offers SMS/call alerts. There is also a music control, a killswitch, and a remote engine start.

The Simple Energy One also has a tyre pressure monitoring system that gives real-time tyre pressures. At the same time, this electric scooter also offers an electric start, parking assist, reverse mode, engine start/stop button, and pass light.

As for exterior lighting, the Energy One has LED lights inside the headlight, taillight, brake light, and indicator lights.

It also offers a pillion seat with footrests and grabrails.

Prices and Variants

The Bangalore-based company offers this bike in one variant only. In addition, it has six colours in total. As for the Simple Energy One’s price, it carries a tag of Rs 1.45 lakh. All are ex-showroom prices in Delhi, as of June 2023. Please note that these prices are subject to change without any prior notice to the customer. You can, however, visit the autoX website to access the latest location-based price list for your dream vehicle. For more, visit our website or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. So, stay tuned!

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