Single-Door Refrigerators: Benefits, Importance and More

Whether you are a single person or part of a family, you will always require a refrigerator. However, determining which one is best for you is difficult. Several factors to consider, including size, door type, energy efficiency, brand, and pricing. Here’s a refrigerator buying guide to help you select the best refrigerator for your budget and demands.

Advantages of a Single-door Refrigerator

Single-door refrigerators are the most popular type of refrigerator. But, infact, most of us have only used a single-door fridge since childhood. So let’s look at the benefits of a single door refrigerator online.

  • Single-door refrigerators use the least amount of energy. They use a lot less energy, about 30 to 40% less energy than double-door refrigerators.
  • It has a modest dimension of 50 to 250 liters and is ideal for a small household of two or three people.
  • Single-door refrigerators are the most cost-effective. Candy, Whirlpool, and Samsung are some of the best brands of single-door refrigerators. They are available for less than 20,000 Rs.
  • Because of their limited capacity, single-door refrigerators take up extremely little floor area and volume.
  • Direct cool technology is used, which is the most energy-efficient.


Most often, single-door fridges are compared to double-door refrigerators. However, if you find yourself getting confused between the two, we have prepared a table citing all the differences between the two main types of fridges in the market.

Differences Between A Single Door Fridge And A Double Door Fridge

Point Of DifferenceSingle Door FridgeDouble Door Fridge
DoorHas only one outer door.Has two separate doors for the fridge and the freezer.
Fridge CapacityThe overall capacity falls around 50 liters to 250 liters.Double door fridges are available in sizes from 250 liters to 495 liters.  
SizeA single-door fridge is suitable for a small family with up to 4 members.A double-door fridge is suitable for a large family with seven members.
Energy consumptionA single-door fridge consumes less energy than a double-door fridge.Due to its size and capacity, a double-door fridge can consume more energy than a single-door fridge. Usually, a double-door fridge consumes 20 percent more power than any single-door fridge.
Freezer sizeIn a single-door fridge, the freezer size is small.A double-door fridge has a separate unit for a freezer, which is spacious.
SpaceA single-door fridge takes up less space than a double-door fridge.A double-door fridge takes up more than a single-door fridge.
Shelf sizesIn single-door fridges, the sizes of the shelves are small.Double-door fridges have large and spacious shelves.
FeaturesMost single-door fridges have basic features.Most double-door fridges come with modern features.
Defrosting featureSingle-door fridges usually require users to clear up the ice manually.Users do not have to clear up the ice manually in double-door fridges since the fridge does it by itself.  
PriceIs cheaper than its counterpart.Is more expensive than single-door fridges.

Because most new refrigerators have a limited warranty, contact the store or the company for an extended warranty on the fridge. Although an extended warranty is not free, you should think about it.

You cannot picture a modern-day kitchen without a refrigerator. Earlier, a fridge was a kitchen appliance, which only the rich could afford. But with technological progress, refrigerators have become a necessity. Imagine not having a fridge during the hot, humid months of summer! A fridge not only provides you with cool water to quench your thirst but also keeps food fresh and, in a way, keeps the level of nutrients intact.

The market is filled with a million different refrigerators, making it easier to get confused. Unfortunately, this also increases your chances of buying the wrong fridge and regretting it later. The decision to buy the right kind of fridge for your kitchen would depend on many factors. These include the fridge’s capacity and your family size, and the fridge’s energy consumption level.

A single-door fridge consists of several compartments designed to store food and drinks for long periods. It has become increasingly difficult for us to consume fresh on-the-spot meals. This is owing to our strict work schedules and ever-busy lifestyles. A single-door fridge helps store food easily and maintains its freshness for a long time. Hope this article helped!

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