Summer Tree Care

Summer Tree Care and Maintainance Tips

The summer season is around the corner, where the temperature will rise like anything, and you have to prepare your trees so that they can handle the heat.Trees are like friends to the homeowner as they offer various benefits like, shade, Oxygen, etc. That’s why it is essential to take care of trees properly, especially in summer, to grow correctly and live a long life.

The scorching heat impacts the tree most while they are young and growing. So, if you want your trees to be healthy and wonderful this summer, you must know the summer tree care and maintenance tips. So, let’s get started: –

  1. Tree evaluation

In order to keep your tree healthy and growing, summer is a beautiful time in which you can call professionals to examine your tree’s health. That means when summer arrives, calling the best tree care company to evaluate the tree is the best idea.

The certified arborist will come to inspect your trees and suggest some helpful remedies if the trees are suffering from any issues. Apart from that, they will also tell you some irrigation methods and other tree care and maintenance tips.

  • Irrigation

Due to dry weather, watering trees is essential during hot days, especially when the trees are young, growing, and newly planted. According to the best tree care company, every tree needs around one inch of water every week. However, water applications encourage better root growth than shallow, more-frequent irrigation when you water trees deeper and less-frequently.

  • Go for mulching

Till now, if you haven’t got the chance to spread mulch around the trees, the beginning of the summer is the best time. The reason is that mulching trees keeps the moisture intact in the roots and soil, helps in cutting down the weed encroachment, and stabilizes soil temperatures. In short, mulching will go a long way in combating the effects of summer heat.

  • Look for signs of heat stress.

In the summer season, even the healthiest tree can experience heat stress. So, you need to know the signs that will help you catch the issue and prevent it from being damaged. However, this can be your priority in this season as any tree can experience heat stress that needs immediate care. Heat stress signs are: –

  • Reduced leaves of branches
  • Poor flower and fruit development
  • Yellow, brown, or wilting leaves

While inspecting trees, if you get to see any of these signs, you must call the best tree care company for the treatment.

  • Trim and prune

Tree maintenance is the most common chore when talking about tree trimming and pruning. If you think this work is essential in the fall or winter season, not in summer, you are wrong, which means it is essential.

If you trim the tree’s dead branches, it will prevent property damage in a thunderstorm. Also, trimming the dead branches can keep the tree healthy and growing.

  • Fertilization

Fertilization is another crucial step in the tree care of the summer season. However, it will offer ample nutrition to support leaf and shoot growth and keep pests and diseases away. Moreover, if you live in urban and suburban areas, the trees need a high volume of fertilization, which helps grow the tree.

  • Ensure the roots and trunk are safe

You very well know that roots are vital parts of the tree, and if you take care of roots, you are taking care of the tree’s health. If your tree is in the open, it will be exposed to more foot traffic, taking away the mulch. So, apply the mulch from time to time as it acts as a minor barrier against people near the tree.

Moreover, if your tree is near a well-trodden path, you have to take care of it more. However, if the tree is young, it is essential to have a barrier against the animals while growing. To protect the tree, you can also plant some shrubs so that people will be away from the tree.

  • Storm damage prevention

Most people are not ready for summer storm conditions for the tree. So, beforehand you must be ready for the increased risk of a thunderstorm and heavy winds. For this consultation, as a certified arborist, the best tree care company will inspect your tree and check whether the tree doesn’t have any limbs that can easily break down in a storm. Apart from that, they will also inspect if the tree needs some extra support to withstand a storm.

  • Shading

The summer season is hot, but conditions make the tree even hotter. So, if you have a younger tree, it would be beneficial from having shading to keep it cool. In this regard, ensure that you do not keep any of the landscaping material near the tree as it can offer more heat to the tree.

Well, keep shaping in mind to ensure the younger tree will not die in the summer season.

  1.  Take excellent care of the soil.

This is the best way by which you can take care of your trees in the summer season. That means checking the surrounding soil of the tree in which it sits. If the soil near your tree is highly compact, it will prevent the tree from getting the beneficial nutrients and water.

This problem can be fixed by aerating the soil so that flow of air and water can be increased to the roots. For this, you have to moist the soil so that it will get loose. After that, take the help of a soil auger or drill to make a series of holes in the ground around 5 centimetres apart. You must drill one hole 1 meter away and go back half-meter until you hit the canopy.

  1. Inspect for the pests regularly.

From the outside, the tree may look healthy and strong, but you don’t know what the problem is lying under it until you look at the tree. When you talk about pest growth, warm is the best season in which a tree needs constant vigilance so that you stay one step ahead of any infestation.

For the best result, inspect the tree regularly every week so that you will come to know the problems of the tree, and you can discuss it with the certified arborist for prevention.

The bottom line

With these summer care and maintenance tips, you can make your tree healthy for an extended period of time. However, if you don’t want to go for a do-it-yourself approach, then calling the best tree care company will be a wise decision as they will save your tree from various conditions.

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