Summer volunteer opportunities

Summer volunteer opportunities

Ah, the summer. Those desperately needed months of pleasant weather, carefree days, and no classes. However, if you discover that you have too much free time and not enough to accomplish (maybe after watching Stranger Things for the third time), consider focusing your efforts on having an influence. Teenagers have a tonne of options to go online to volunteer in general, but when school is out, keep an eye out for programs designed specifically for summer volunteering.

Discover some of the various summer volunteering programs designed specifically for high school students, from conservation to education. (And approaches to determining your own volunteer career.)

Summer Volunteering Programs: Types

Hospital Initiatives

Hospitals sometimes require extra assistance throughout the summer, and many of them offer summer online ngo volunteer programmes for high school students. Perhaps it’s all the bug bites and sunburns. The Children’s National Health System and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital are provided as some examples, but you can also look for openings at your neighbourhood hospital. Just be aware that most of them are more administrative or facility-based, so don’t expect to be doing Grey’s Anatomy-level work. You may be sure that your influence will still be noticed since providing them with new linens, flower deliveries, or a listening ear is just as vital.

Conservation initiatives

You presumably already spend a lot of time outside throughout the summer, so why not help others while you’re doing it? Spend your summer helping out in your neighbourhood park, beach, forest, or other outdoor location by maintaining structures, picking up trash, and enhancing wildlife habitat. To preserve these natural areas for countless future summers, you might also join one of the Student Conservation Association’s Summer Community Crews or the National Park Service’s Youth Conservation Corps.

Programs for Summer Meals

For the roughly 30 million students who rely on free and reduced lunches during the academic year, summer may be a challenging time. Fortunately, a lot of food banks and meal delivery services are aware of this and take action to keep people fed and healthy when school is not in session. You fill that role, of course! To assist cover the gaps brought on by the summer, offer your time gathering, packing, and distributing meals. For more information on Feeding America’s summer programmes, try looking for your neighbourhood food bank.

Museum Initiatives

Learning doesn’t stop throughout the summer. In fact, many individuals find that now is the ideal time to visit a museum in their area and learn something new. Some museums even provide summer camps or other special programming for visitors. By helping during the summer at these organisations, you can participate in history (or science, or art, or espionage). But don’t just take our word for it; read about one teen’s experience working at the summer camp of the India History Museum, and then inquire about online volunteering for ngos in India opportunities at your nearby museum.

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