Best Lingerie Brands

The 10 Best Lingerie Brands Every Woman Needs To Know

The importance of lingerie in a woman’s wardrobe can never go understated. Over the years, lingerie designs have evolved into a wide assortment of choices for women of all shapes and sizes. You can find a huge list of lingerie brands for women vying for the attention of customers with their offerings. 

Therefore, it is reasonable to face some sort of confusion when you are trying to shop for lingerie. Why? With so many best lingerie brands in the market, you may end up confused about which brand you should choose. Let us solve your problem by taking a look at some of the most prominent lingerie brands in the present times.

Best Lingerie Brands for Women

Lingerie provides a solid foundation for any type of outfit in chic women’s clothing. So, you need to be careful about the lingerie you buy, and the first point of caution starts with choosing a suitable brand. Here are the top choices among lingerie brands that you can try out for buying lingerie this year.

  1. Dora Larsen

One of the first mentions among lingerie labels for women would obviously be Dora Larsen. The cool color blocking highlights in icy-blue and lavender palettes alongside unbelievably comfortable lingerie by Dora Larsen make it a worthy brand. 

  1. Calvin Klein Underwear

Calvin Klein Underwear is also another top choice among cute lingerie brands you can go with for your wardrobe. The brand is still strong, with comfy jersey fabrications and the logo-jacquard band as top highlights in its offerings. 

  1. Savage X Fenty

You could never miss out on Savage X Fenty in the modern lingerie fashion scene. The lingerie label by Rihanna is all about disruption with a specific focus on body positivity. 

  1. SKIMS

The next top choice for lingerie in chic women’s clothing outfits would be SKIMS. Launched by Kim Kardashian in 2019, SKIMS lingerie collection features ultra-stretchy shapewear. Starting from comfy thongs to fitted bralettes, SKIMS has everything for your lingerie needs in different colors and sizes.

  1. La Perla 

If you are looking for something iconic among the best lingerie brands right now, then you can’t miss La Perla at any cost. La Perla has been one of the most iconic names in the world of lingerie since 1954. It is renowned prominently for the Maison line, which features appliqued lace on silk-satin blend fabric. 

  1. Thirdlove

Another top option among cute lingerie labels for plus-size women would be Thirdlove. You can find over 80 bra sizes to choose from on Thirdlove. In addition, the unique features such as thin memory foam cups and soft, pleated shoulder straps for improved comfort also showcase how Thirdlove can be a reliable choice. 

  1. Hanky Panky

Some of the best lingerie brands for women have gained popularity for their distinct traits. Hanky Panky is an example of a lingerie brand known for exceptionally soft bralettes and thongs. It serves as a great destination for soft cup lace bralettes, comfy thongs, and quirky boy shorts. On top of it, the unique fabric used in the lingerie by Hanky Panky also adds to the value of the brand’s offerings.

  1. Intimissimi

You can also find the perfect solution for lingerie to complement chic women’s clothing with Italian brand, Intimissimi. The brand specializes in everyday lingerie basics as well as a nightwear and luxury lingerie. Furthermore, the brand retains its signature styles and also introduces new designs in each season. The elegantly timeless designs of the offerings by Intimissimi are prominent highlights you cannot miss. 

  1. Agent Provocateur

The list of top lingerie brands would be incomplete without mentioning Agent Provocateur, known for alluring and provocative lingerie pieces. Agent Provocateur offers lingerie that embraces sexuality and also expresses a celebration of the female form. In addition, the brand has also moved a step ahead in terms of diversity with different types of designs for varying shapes and sizes. 

  1. Skin

The final addition among the best lingerie brands for women right now would point towards Skin. You can find the assurance of the softest fabric such as cashmere, Pima cotton, or organic cotton in Skin’s lingerie. Therefore, Skin is definitely a top choice for purchasing lingerie, especially for people with sensitive skin. 

Final Words 

As you can notice clearly, the top lingerie brands have their unique highlights. Some of the brands focus on softness of the fabric, while some lingerie brands emphasize on sensuousness of the lingerie. At the same time, you could also identify some lingerie brands with a specific priority for body positivity. 

However, the common element among all the renowned lingerie brands reflects solely on quality. The popular lingerie brands take modern trends and style preferences of women into account for designing their new offerings. So, a thorough tour of the lingerie collections of these top brands could help you find the best picks for your wardrobe.       

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