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Top 10 AI Platforms and Their Features

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have paved the way for innumerable new opportunities for business globally. AI provides extensive intuition which helps business processes more efficiently. Today, an AI platform is helpful for a one-person in-charge freelancer as well as a business owner with multiple employees.

AI is continuing to empower the global economy enormously. Real-time data has become the driving force of any company in today’s digital era. Artificial intelligence assists the immense supply of large datasets from multiple sources. This helps in the generation of in-depth insights. Eying all this, we have assembled a list containing the best AI platforms examples.

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Top AI platforms that are ready to transform real-time data in 2022


Tableau is one of thebest AI tools for business. This platform is famous for business intelligence and is considered a leading analytics platform globally. This is a visual analytics platform that assists businesses to generate in-depth insights from real-time data. It can be used to solve complex business complications.

One can land on Tableau and use business intelligence tools like Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau CRM, Tableau public, data management, etc. It also executes its AI-powered BI platform to many large-scale industries such as retail, education, healthcare.


Sisense is among one of the top AI platforms examples. One can use this business intelligence platform to unlock the power of real-time data evenly. Several large-scale businesses use this platform to execute data-driven smart decisions & valid insights. This AI-powered BI platform can be used for analyzing and enhancing customer experience by resolving the data analysis process. Sisense also integrates artificial intelligence. And provinces have multiple industries like healthcare, retail, finance, manufacturing, etc.


Domo is one of the popular platforms for business intelligence. It is used to unlock the efficiency of real-time data via artificial intelligence. Domo is also engrossed in data integration, data analytics, intelligent apps, and implanted analytics.

Today, many small, as well as large-scale companies use this AI-powered BI platform to design data agility, sponsor data literacy, permit artificial intelligence for automation and distribute data to stakeholders.

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Qlik is popularly known as Qlik Sense. It is among the top AI platforms and is popular as a business intelligence tool. The tool avails business owners with data visualization and effective data analysis without any probable error. The platform is highly helpful for firms/businesses as they can create collaborative reports, creative dashboards, drag-and-drop performances, smart search features, etc.


Looker is an example of an AI tool for business. This tool is focused on handling insightful outcomes by supplying smarter data-driven experiences to various organizations. It is a perfect business intelligence tool providing all-around services like modern business intelligence, integrating artificial intelligence, integrated insights, data-driven workflows, custom applications, data modeling, embedded analytics, etc.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

It is one of the popular business analytics platforms. Business owners use this AI-powered BI platform for analytics. It is also helpful for creating an intelligent understanding with forefront augmented analytics.

This platform comprises multiple business intelligence tools and a set of data management tools. A few examples are out-of-the-box connectors, self-contained ETL functionality, built-in data mart, etc. The platform for business intelligence is highly helpful for multiple industries; particularly finances, manufacturing, education, retail.

SAS Analytics Software

SAS Analytics Software is among the most popular AI tool for business. Recently, it has gained popularity as a giant AI-powered BI platform providing wide equity of products for companies. It offers ideal solutions for advanced analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning solutions, cloud computing & data management.

SAS Analytics Software includes SAS customer intelligence 360, SAS detection and analysis, SAS model manager, SAS visual analytics, SAS visual forecasting, etc.

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a business intelligence platform popularly known as a cloud-native service. The platform can be used for communicating with the entire analytics process; right from data consumption to date modeling. Oracle Analytics Cloud is installed with machine learning and artificial intelligence for boosting productivity and promoting analytics-driven culture.


YellowFin is an ideal platform for business intelligence as it is eligible to solve data complexity with artificial intelligence and automation. The platform can also be extensively used for data storytelling, collaborative dashboards, self-service BI, etc. Many business owners use YellowFin for viewing a simplified version of the data analytics workflow & powerful data management.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI – one of the top AI platforms helps to design a data-driven culture with business intelligence and Power BI advancements. The platform can be utilized by enterprises for self-servicing analytics. It also offers maximum security for data protection. Here, you will come across vast shares of products as a business intelligence tool such as Power BI Desktop, Power BI Pro, Power BI mobile, etc.

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