TP-Link Archer C5400X Review for Piso Wifi

TP-Link Archer C5400X Review for Piso Wifi

The Archer C5400X (AC5400X) Wi-Fi router of TP-Link is one of the best gaming routers for piso wifi. It is the first wireless gaming router of the company and comes with a Tri-band. You can use one band for general use, one for watching movies, and one for just playing games seamlessly. TP-Link uses MU-MIMO with Airtime Fairness to maintain the equilibrium of each device request with accuracy and agility. With a superb vast range, one can game from any corner of the house without interruptions.

If you find the Wi-fi lagging bothersome while you are playing games (that will be everyone), then keep on reading. You have a solution here.


The Archer C5400X is a Tri-Band router that comes with the following:

  • 1.8 GHz quad-core processor (64-bit) with three co-processors
  • Total Speed- 5334 Mbps
  • There is an inbuilt VPN in the Archer C5400X.
  • It comes with one Gigabit WAN port and eight Gigabit LAN ethernet ports.
  • It has got two 3.0 USB Ports.
  • There are eight external antennas that you can easily detach. All antennas boost signals across the house.
  • AC5400X comes with one GB of RAM.
  • The box includes an installation guide, one ethernet cable, and one power adapter with the router.
  • The warranty period is of three years and is limited.
  • Archer C5400X is compatible with Alexa and IFTTT.
  • AC5400X comes with CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications.
  • 12 V/5 A Power.
  • Archer C5400X includes options like guest networks, parental controls, antivirus, and more.
  • It supports up to seven devices without losing speed.
  • Temperature- The operating temperature of AC5400X is between 0 to 40 degrees celsius. The storage temperature ranges between 40°C to 70°C.


  1. Easy Login using and
  2. Great speed; supports multiple devices with zero speed loss.
  3. The Tri-Band allows seamless surfing, gaming, and video streaming separately without one overlapping or interrupting the other.
  4. There are multiple ways to customize it following user preference.
  5. TP-Link gives many options for safe surfing and security. This safety feature includes antivirus, inbuilt VPN, etc.


  1. AC5400X falls on the expensive side as compared to other gaming routers.
  2. Very power-consuming.
  3. The Archer C5400X router heats up once the temperature crosses 40 degrees celsius.


The AC5400X router is square-shaped and black. The eight detachable antennas come in a combination of black and red colors. The Archer C5400X router consists of a color-changing LED light, which you can switch off through the TP-Link Archer app. The sleek look creates a satisfactory first impression. One can tell it is specifically designed for gamers.


The AC5400X comes with multiple options when it comes to setup. You can either:

  • Visit Apple Store or Google Play Store and download the TP-Link Tether App or,
  • Visit TP-Link’s Wi-Fi guide on their webpage and get the instructions.

Check these basics after skimming through the app and the instructions.

  1. Connect the hardware.
  2. Check the LED power lights. Make sure it is on.
  3. Connect the Wi-Fi. Check the speed. The speed will vary depending on your ISP connection.
  4. You are good to begin your gaming quest!


  • Flipkart– You can get your TP-Link Archer C5400X at ₹24,999 from Flipkart. Here you can select the router based on your internet speed. EMI options start from ₹4,167 per month.
  • Tanotis India– With free shipping, AC4500X costs ₹ 29,465 on this website. EMI is available from ₹ 1428 per month.


You should go ahead with this router if the price fits your budget range. It has got everything a gamer needs. Zero lagging, phenomenal speed, covers a great distance and is a Tri-band. A gamer will admire the specs of Archer C5400X, especially the highly customizable features.

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