UPSC Prelims Crash course have forever been sold as an instant resole

UPSC Prelims Crash course have forever been sold as an instant resolve to hapless aspirants at last phase. And this is not just the case for UPSC Civil Services but almost all kinds of exams in general. There are always conflicting views on whether these courses are indeed useful or not. If we look at the interviews of toppers for past several years, some openly accept that they underwent a crash course and has been very much helpful for them.

The drive that keeps you motivated for a long time must be from within and I think you’ll be motivated when you understand the reasons you’re determined to get through every competitive test.

The UPSC journey was full of numerous challenges and ups. I tried my best to stay motivated by coming up with different strategies to accomplish similar things.

  • When I was in UPSC preparation, my teachers were always saying that even though you’re spending your time, you must be doing something of significance to UPSC preparations.(Prelims Crash course)
  • Everybody experiences boredom, but what is important is the speed at which one can break out of this state.
  • Each person has their unique method of getting out of the situation, and one has to find a way to break out of the stale to be sure of the best UPSC preparations.(Prelims Crash course)
  • In this way it is possible to get involved in non-governmental organizations, enjoy inspirational films, read books of their own preference or pursue a passion, etc.
  • It is also possible to practice writing Answer/Essays or even give mock exams or even watch online lectures in this time of boredom.
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I’m aware that these items are much easier said than accomplished. With a strong inner drive and determination one can conquer every obstacle and reach the goal.

The mantra which kept me going through my times of failure was “Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached.” (Swami Vivekananda) The time has come to celebrate 1.5 years since I began the UPSC journey. It went through many highs and lows, with many more to come. I suppose!!

As person, I’ve transformed completely. My confidence level has increased numerous times. I believe this is due to the vast quantity of knowledge you acquire while studying for this test for best find out IAS Coaching in Delhi .

There comes a point at which you believe you feel YOU are, in a way, is aware of everything happening all around you. This includes economics, political and environmental. You come across a government building. You think, ‘I know its purpose!

You come across a massive public advertisement for a scheme of the government. You consider ‘I know the details in the scheme’ Your perception of an object or subject is significantly reduced because you can now view things from a positive as well as negative angles.

This test requires perseverance and commitment. Each day, you rise at the precisely the same time, and you go through the same information repeatedly. It’s more of a job you’d do (Just to make sure that you don’t have weekends off!

It could be an event with your family, or enjoying the festivities, but your brain is probably contemplating the next thing you’d like to study once you return home. Friends call you and invite you to meet them one day. You decide if meeting worth it, using the COST-BENEFIT analysis.

You have to write so many answers throughout this course that you’d like to get rid of the exam. There are thoughts about subjects you could have done weren’t for this exam.

Moving to the second part of the query,

I’ve never been averse to quitting because it was my choice to continue this, and when I study, learning solely for the purpose of displaying it to your parents is not going to help you.

The thought of quitting never crossed my thoughts. When I’m down, glance at the interviews of former toppers or the type of work they do on their job. I believe that is what makes me get up and go back to my studies.

Some tips or experiences I’ve had during this process:

  • Don’t be intimidated by the amount of hours that people generally claim you must complete your studies. UPSC does not need the number. It needs quality. Don’t attempt to do 13-14 hours in a day simply because toppers have claimed they do. Focusing on your studies is a waste of time.
  • Do not take your essay lightly. Don’t think you’re writing an AWESOME essay with no practice. Do a few practice essays prior to taking the Mains.
  • REVISION IS MOST IMPORTANT THAN COVERAGE. I’ve learned this lesson. Today, I concentrate on revising more. This has allowed me to increase my score on answer writing tests.


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