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What are the types of birthday gifts that you can send to India?

Birthdays are the most important day in each one’s life and on this day when you get a real chance to pamper someone. At the same time, also get the opportunity to receive Birthday gifts from beloved ones. So now, we will shed some light on the different types of birthday gifts that you can send any one of your relatives or closes one settled in India.

Yellow love:

For one year, you are now in the USA, and your girlfriend is still in India. Therefore, hardly you can meet her. So on the 26 birthday of your girlfriend, you thought to send her a bunch of yellow roses. You brought the gift from the reputed online gifting domain It has a bunch of 15 yellow roses wrapped together with the help of a red-colored tissue paper and tied with a silk satin ribbon.

Talking about the gift indeed your girlfriend will praise it because the yellow flowers tell the saga of joyfulness and ecstatic life. That is what you want to wish your girlfriend always and ever. Now coming to the price part you should stay relaxed because the Site always charges reasonable rpice from the customers that are why the price of these beautiful yellow roses is only Rs 549.

Pineapple choco cake:

Pineapple choco cake:

Birthday is the most special day when you get the privilege to meet too many guests, blow up candles, hit the balloons, and cut the favorite flavored cake among awesome guests. In that regard, you thought that it would be a wonderful idea to parcel a cake to your aunt who is in India on her 47th birthday. But you wanted to deal with a reliable site who will promise to deliver the gift in proper condition.

Additionally, who will deliver the freshly baked cake with handpicked items? Immediately the name clicked your mind because the site already got such a huge base of customers throughout India. Therefore you got a thought that it would be better to send the gift Via Talking about the site you will see that it uploads lots of gifts items daily. Amid all the gifts, a freshly prepared pineapple cake with chocolate coins garnished on the top stole your attention. Flavor-wise it would win the heart of your aunt. On top of that, the look was also sumptuous. Coming to the price part it is affordable only you have to spend Rs 745 for the cake.

Roses with teddies:

Teddy has Roses

Teddies are one of the cutest gifts that always pleases the people of every age group. That means you can always present a teddy to both a small child and to elderly people. This year, your niece would be celebrating her fifth birthday. But as you are residing in the USA so it won’t be possible for you to make out for India. That is why you planned to send a beautiful gift that should have a cute teddy.

After searching a lot on the internet you came across the gift which is a combo one consisting of enchanting red roses which are 24 in number and an adorable pink-colored teddy of 12 inches. The gift was looking fabulous. That is why you immediately added that in the cart. In the meantime, you thought to check out the price. You were surprised to see that the price was really pocket friendly. That means for this outstanding gift you only have to pay Rs 1749. No doubt your niece would love the gift.

Ganesha idol with Syngonium plant:

Birthday gifts mean sending best wishes to the recipient. The same wishes and good vibes you want to send to your dearest little sister. She resides in India and you are in a distant land from her. Therefore your wish is to send a congenial gift to her that will usher prosperity and luck. That is why after a detailed search you selected a Syngonium plant along with a Ganesha idol from the prominent gifting site

Note that Syngonium is a decorative indoor plant that helps you inhale fresh air and is known as an anti-air pollutant plant as well. This is the reason why you thought to gift this plant to your sister. In addition to that, the little Ganesha idol made of stone dust seated on a cot is another great product that simply blew your mind. And you got sure that your sister too would like the gift.

Final say:

These are some of the exclusive gift lists, which we have prepared for you. Go through each of them and have an idea regarding the different types of birthday gifts. You can pick any of the gifts and decide to send birthday gifts online to India. No need to worry about the price as would always charge the appropriate price from the customers.

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