NOC for height clearance

What is NOC for height clearance?

NOC (No Objection Certificate) for height clearance is a document issued by the concerned authorities to grant permission for structures that exceed the permissible height limit in a particular area or locality. The purpose of this certificate is to ensure that the construction of such tall structures does not interfere with aviation safety, particularly in the vicinity of airports and heliports.

Airplanes, helicopters, and other aircraft require a safe and obstacle-free airspace to operate efficiently. Tall structures, such as buildings, towers, or antennas, can pose a significant hazard if they obstruct the flight path or interfere with communication and navigation systems. Therefore, many countries have regulations in place that restrict the height of structures around airports and other aviation facilities.

NOC from AAI

The process of obtaining an NOC for height clearance typically involves the following steps:


The party or individual intending to construct a tall structure submits an application to the relevant aviation authority, which is usually the civil aviation department or a similar regulatory body.


The aviation authority thoroughly evaluates the proposed structure’s height and location in relation to the nearby aviation infrastructure, flight paths, and other relevant considerations. They may use specialized software and conduct on-site surveys to assess potential obstructions.


During the evaluation process, the aviation authority collaborates with other relevant stakeholders, such as airport authorities, air traffic control, and local authorities, to ensure comprehensive assessment and coordination.

Mitigation Measures:

In some cases, the aviation authority may recommend modifications or mitigation measures to reduce the obstruction risk. This could involve altering the proposed structure’s height or location to meet the safety requirements.

Issuance of NOC:

If the proposed structure complies with safety regulations and does not pose a threat to aviation operations, the aviation authority grants the NOC for height clearance. This certificate serves as an official approval to proceed with the construction of the tall structure.

It is essential for developers and property owners to obtain the NOC from AAI/MOD for height clearance before beginning construction to avoid potential legal and safety issues. Failure to comply with height restrictions can lead to serious consequences, including fines, demolition orders, or legal actions.

Overall, the NOC for height clearance is a crucial regulatory measure that ensures the safe coexistence of aviation activities and urban development, promoting the well-being of both the aviation industry and the general public.

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