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What You Need to Know When Travelling to Maldives during COVID-19

Good news! Maldives is open. The most popular holiday destination is Maldives which is prepared for COVID-19. If you are planning to travel to this country during the period, there are specific points about the virus which you should be aware of and take precautions against. Find out what they are; also, read about how the Maldives Police and Immigration Department (MPD) will carry out on the virus. Maldives is preparing itself and what services and facilities will be available on arrival. Planning a Maldives Trip has become infinitely easier with OiO Travel Pvt. Ltd., in Delhi. Book our best and exclusive Maldives Trip Packages which is a dream of all tourists.

We hope that this article will help you make a more informed decision before booking your ticket to the Maldives during COVID-19. 

The Maldives is a popular tourist destination that receives more than 750,000 tourists from 140 countries. In fact, Maldives has been one of the top honeymoon destinations for newlyweds since 2004. The country is made up of 1,192 islands and is a mere 90 miles south of India. It attracts visitors each year to its luxurious hotels and resorts which are located on its archipelago islands. The reason why Maldives is one of the most favorite holiday destinations for travellers worldwide is that it offers safety and security to all visitors while they are staying in the country. Hence, it was named as “the safest place in the world” by World Internal Safety Council (WISC).

The Maldives is known for its beautiful coral reefs, white sandy beaches, underwater landscapes, and many more tourist attractions. Another reason why Maldives is preferred for holiday destinations is because of its tropical climate which will allow visitors to travel there even during wintertime in their own countries. To enjoy the blue waters in Maldives, it is necessary to take certain measures when travelling to the country in view of the current outbreak of the Chikungunya virus (COVID).

Chikungunya virus (also called “chi-kong-go-nya”) has emerged in several countries including India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh just recently. The Maldives is not an exception to this virus. Earlier in February 2014, mosquitoes with the Chikungunya virus in them were found in the country.

Since then, the Maldives National Centre for Disease Control (MNCDC) has been monitoring and controlling the virus and has even issued a Level 1 alert that will be effective until the 28th of February 2014. The main reasons why the Centre issued a Level 1 alert for Chikungunya was because:
The Maldives Police and Immigration Department (MPD), Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (MTCA) and MNCDC are jointly working together to make sure that no tourists coming to the country will be affected by this virus during their holiday vacation.

It is important to know the symptoms of the Chikungunya virus and how to take precautions against it in order to prevent yourself from contracting the virus when traveling to Maldives during COVID-19.

To date, there is no specific treatment for Chikungunya. All there is, according to Surgeon General (SG) Dr Mohamed Zaki and Director of Health Services (DHS) Dr. Mohamed Hussain Shareef is:
In Maldives, all government hospitals have been instructed by MNCDC to have all the necessary measures in place so that patients with “Chikungunya” can be treated. It is important to note that all government hospitals in the Maldives have been given a Level 1 alert that will mean that the aforementioned measures have been put in place, and they are ready to handle any cases of Chikungunya or any other cases of diseases.

To prevent yourself from getting Chikungunya, complete the following steps:

The general precautions which should be taken by all travelers visiting the country during COVID-19 include:

If you are planning to complete your holiday during COVID-19, remember these three things:

The Maldives Police Department (MPD) is one of the most favorite organizations of tourists travelling to Maldives. The police are known for their excellent service and treatment given to the tourists. Therefore, travelers need not worry about their security while they are traveling to Maldives during COVID-19. The CCTV cameras in all locations that are used by the police have been checked before being placed there.  We are going to help you out here in booking a perfect Maldives Honeymoon Tour. Simply give us a call or drop in an email to OiO Travel Pvt. Ltd. We offer extremely affordable and extensively flexible packages for Maldives tours.

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