Why Do Businesses Choose Angular For The Development Of Digital Products?

Before you get into the development stage of your digital product, you must choose the perfect tech stack and tools to aid the complete process. After all, it will decide your development timeline and the investment you need to make. So, what tech stack do top companies use? Well, popular multinational companies like Google, Facebook, and PayPal use Angular for their development. But, why? Well, the following article lists the top benefits of Angular and also discusses the different types of applications you can build using it.

benefits of Angular

From a business point of view, Angular is a great option as it can help you get the most out of your money. The benefits of Angular also ensure that investing in Angular development will ensure good returns and make your investment worthwhile. Moreover, Angular’s framework is constantly improved to ensure better features than previous versions.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump right into the article and learn the benefits of Angular that can help your business earn better profits!

What Is Angular?

Before we jump right into what Angular is, you need to know about the framework’s background for a better understanding of why it is popular.

AngularJS And Its Problems

AngularJS is an open-source front-end JavaScript framework created by Google in 2002. Its primary function was to help developers create single-page web applications without much complications. Although AngularJS was highly popular then, it lacked some crucial features like:-

  • Issues with performance and speed
  • No support for mobile devices
  • Huge bundle size

Since AngularJS couldn’t resolve these issues, developing a more stable and faster JavaScript framework was necessary. This is when Google launched Angular, an open-source JavaScript framework to replace AngularJS.


One of the most popular JavaScript front-end frameworks, Angular is used by a large number of companies and developers for the development and management of web applications. The framework is written in TypeScript, an open-source programming language, which is a superset of JavaScript.

Since AngularJS and Angular are completely different, you do not need to learn AngularJS to enjoy the benefits of Angular. In fact, most developers have discontinued development in AngularJS and use Angular to develop web applications.

What Job Roles And Market Analysis Are Available For Angular Developers?

Due to the numerous benefits of Angular, several companies offer Angular Development services. This is why Angular developers are always in huge demand and have several projects and roles at their disposal. The following table analyzes the different job roles available for the Angular framework in the current market.

Job RoleAvg. Salary (in USD/yr)
Web Developers94,000
User Experience Designer90,600
User Interface Designer84,000
Server Administrator72,000

Several companies continuously hire experts in Angular in the above-mentioned job roles. The salary and growth scope for Angular developers are continuously on the rise due to the several benefits of Angular.

Why Should You Use Angular For Development?

As an open-source application development framework used to create interactive website components, the benefits of Angular are:-

Customized And Reusable Components

The Angular framework allows developers to create components as per project needs. These components can be easily reused, nested, and combined, making development much easier. This ensures that developers can easily create a construction kit to help them build applications effortlessly.

Usage Of Different TypeScript Data Types

Since Angular is written using TypeScript, users can easily call data from the program code to the website. This ensures that the website offers a proper response based on the user input without manual coding. So, developers can easily integrate third-party applications without the implementation of another code.

Code Consistency And Productivity

The complete Angular framework has several components and services that can be thought of as the code’s building blocks. So, if guidelines are followed and the code is properly structured, developers can develop consistent web applications faster.

Faster Testing

Angular allows developers to test code units and facilitate end-to-end application testing. Moreover, the number of developers and users does not play a role in testing. This makes it easier for developers to test their web applications without much complications.

Lesser Code And Better Maintenance

Since Angular uses TypeScript, developers can enjoy an object-oriented architecture that helps create a neat source code. This also ensures you can easily maintain the code and improve it as needed. Moreover, Angular also helps reduce the size of source code which helps in easier automation.

Better Compatibility

One of the top benefits of Angular, the framework is cross-platform and is compatible with all major browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Companies also need access to appropriate resources and tools to develop large and small web applications easily. Since the JavaScript ecosystem is in a state of constant flux with new frameworks appearing and disappearing daily, Angular is here to stay and is a tool that companies can rely on.

What Are The Different Types Of Applications And Websites Developed By Angular?

The numerous benefits of Angular make it the framework choice for top multinational companies. Some popular applications and websites developed using Angular are:-


One of the most popular entertainment and content streaming platforms, Netflix is a classic case of Angular development. To be specific, Netflix’s development team used AngularJS for their front-end development, while Python and Flask were used to handle the back-end processes and needs. After all, development using Angular does not require much investment which makes it easier to develop a similar app in no time.


A popular freelancing platform for developers, content writers, and other professionals, Upwork was developed using the Angular framework. The numerous benefits of Angular allow developers to easily create a website and application offering excellent performance.

YouTube TV

Google’s alternative service to Hulu and Live TV, YouTube TV was developed using Angular 2 and launched in 2017. The platform drops new features regularly to stay updated on market trends and keep users engaged continuously.


The most popular mailing service available in both website and mobile application form, Gmail was developed using Angular. In fact, the wide number of benefits of Angular makes it the popular choice for Google’s product development. This is why several companies use Angular to build and develop their digital products.


Although other frameworks like React are also popular among developers, the majority of developers love the benefits of Angular and prefer the framework for their product development. Moreover, Angular makes it easy to develop custom solutions using readily available templates and code modules.

Additionally, coding using Angular offers more speed, efficiency, and productivity in contrast to React. This helps businesses fast-track their development timeline, quickly create cross-platform websites and applications, and reduce the total development cost, making it a win-win for businesses. So, what are you waiting for? Hire professional Angular developers with years of industry experience and build efficient applications in no time!

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